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Rehberg, Ingo

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Rehberg, I.


Ahlers, Guenter;   Buka, Ágnes;   Claret, Josep;   Gollwitzer, Christian;   Hörner, Frank;   Juárez, Manuel de la Torre;   Kassner, Klaus;   Kramer, Lorenz;   Krekhova, Marina;   Lange, Adrian;   Lattermann, Günter;   Rasenat, Steffen;   Reimann, Bert;   Richter, Helga;   Richter, Reinhard;   Rupp, Peter;   Sagués, Francesc;   Scherer, Michael A.;   Schröter, Matthias;   Schöpf, Wolfgang;   Steinberg, Victor;   Turanov, Alexander;   Winkler, Bernhard L.;   de la Torre Juarez, Manuel;   de la Torre Juárez, Manuel

Publication Titles

1989: Pattern formation in a liquid crystal
1989: Transient structures in the Fréedericksz transition
1989: Traveling Waves and Defect-Initiated Turbulence in Electroconvecting Nematics
1990: Experimental studies of defect dynamics and interaction in electrohydrodynamic convection
1990: Four-wave resonance in electrohydrodynamic convection
1994: On the optical characterization of convection patterns in homeotropically aligned nematics
2000: Deviations from Linear Theory for Fluctuations below the Supercritical Primary Bifurcation to Electroconvection
2002: Influence of ohmic heating on the flow field in thin-layer electrodeposition
2003: Critical exponents of directed percolation measured in spatiotemporal intermittency
2003: Oscillatory decay at the Rosensweig instability: Experiment and theory
2008: Measuring the deformation of a ferrogel sphere in a homogeneous magnetic field
2009: Surface instabilities and magnetic soft matter


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