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Rehberg, I.

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Rehberg, Ingo


Ahlers, G.;   Bläsing, J.;   Bock, T.M.;   Brand, H.R.;   Buka, Ágnes;   Chiran, L.;   Frette, V.;   Gräßler, R.;   Hörner, F.;   Kramer, L.;   Lafuente, O.;   Lattermann, Günter;   May, M.;   Messlinger, S.;   Müller, M.;   Rasenat, S.;   Richter, H.;   Rudroff, S.;   Sack, A.;   Schneider, U.;   Schöpf, W.;   Timme, A.;   Winkler, B.L.;   Zimmermann, W.;   de Lozar, A.;   de la Torre Juarez, M.;   de la Torre Juárez, M.

Publication Titles

1991: Measuring the intensity of director fluctuations below the onset of electroconvection
1991: Nonequilibrium patterns in the electric-field-induced splay Fréedericksz transition
1991: Thermally induced hydrodynamic fluctuations below the onset of electroconvection
1992: Phase shift of dielectric rolls in electroconvection
1995: Electrohydrodynamic convection in a homeotropically aligned nematic sample
1997: Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals - Electroconvection
2000: Alignment visualization using electroconvection of planar nematics
2005: A cholesteric organogel of a chiral gelator and 5-CB, used for electro-optical planar-fingerprint switching
2007: Characterisation and properties of thermoreversible nematic gels
2007: Dielectric zig-zag rolls and flexodomains in nematic liquid crystals
2007: Time-resolved optical measurement of director dynamics in electroconvection


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