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Ree, Moonhor

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Ree, M.


Ahn, Byungcheol;   Chae, Boknam;   Chang, Taihyun;   Cho, Seon Ah;   Choi, Wooyoung;   Hahm, Seok G.;   Hahm, Suk Gyu;   Hayakawa, Teruaki;   Heo, Kyuyoung;   Hirai, Tomoyasu;   Iyoda, Tomokazu;   Jin, Sangwoo;   Jo, Bong-Kyun;   Jung, Jin C.;   Jung, Jin Chul;   Jung, Jungwoon;   Jung, Sun Young;   Jung, Young Mee;   Kim, Gahee;   Kim, Hak Chul;   Kim, Heesoo;   Kim, Ik Jung;   Kim, Jae-Chang;   Kim, Jehan;   Kim, Jung Ran;   Kim, Kwang-Woo;   Kim, Sang-Il;   Kim, Seung B.;   Kim, Seung Bin;   Lee, Byeongdu;   Lee, Jong Im;   Lee, Joong Ha;   Lee, Ki-Bong;   Lee, Kyung-Hoon;   Lee, Seong J.;   Lee, Seong Jun;   Lee, Seung W.;   Lee, Seung-Woo;   Lee, Sung Pil;   Lee, Taek J.;   Lee, Taek Joon;   Maeda, Rina;   Park, Hong Ki;   Park, Jeung Hun;   Park, Samdae;   Park, Su-Moon;   Pyo, Seung-Moon;   Rho, Yecheol;   Shin, Tae Joo;   Sohn, Byeong H.;   Son, Phil Kook;   Yoon, Jinhwan;   Yoon, Tae-Hoon;   Yoshida, Hirohisa;   Youn, Hwa Shik;   Zin, Wang C.;   Zin, Wang-Cheol

Publication Titles

1999: High performance photosensitive polymers in thin films and their abilities to align liquid-crystals on the surface
1999: Synthesis and properties of new aromatic polyimides. Polymeric materials for light-emitting and liquid-crystal displays
2001: Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Imidization and Structural Evolution in a Microscaled Film of PMDA-3,4'-ODA Poly(amic acid)
2002: Surface Morphology, Molecular Reorientation, and Liquid Crystal Alignment Properties of Rubbed Nanofilms of a Well-Defined Brush Polyimide with a Fully Rodlike Backbone
2003: A Soluble Photoreactive Polyimide Bearing the Coumarin Chromophore in the Side Group: Photoreaction, Photoinduced Molecular Reorientation, and Liquid-Crystal Alignability in Thin Films
2003: Effect of Molecular Weight on the Surface Morphology, Molecular Reorientation, and Liquid Crystal Alignment Properties of Rubbed Polystyrene Films
2003: New Clues to the Factors Governing the Perpendicular Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Rubbed Polystyrene Film Surfaces
2003: Photoreaction and Molecular Reorientation in Films of Novel Photosensitive Polyesters Containing n-Alkyl Side Groups and 1,4-Phenylenediacryloyl Units in the Backbone
2003: Photoreaction and Molecular Reorientation in a Nanoscaled Film of Poly(methyl 4-(methacryloyloxy)cinnamate) Studied by Two-Dimensional FTIR and UV Correlation Spectroscopy
2003: Photoreactions and Photoinduced Molecular Orientations of Films of a Photoreactive Polyimide and Their Alignment of Liquid Crystals
2003: Rubbing-Induced Surface Morphology and Polymer Segmental Reorientations of a Model Brush Polyimide and Interactions with Liquid Crystals at the Surface
2003: Sequence of Rubbing-Induced Molecular Segmental Reorientations in the Nanoscale Film Surface of a Brush Polymer Rod
2003: Sequence of the Rubbing-Induced Reorientations of Polymer Chain Segments in Nanofilms of a Well-Defined Brush Polyimide with a Fully Rodlike Backbone As Determined by Polarized FTIR Spectroscopy and Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis
2004: Synthesis and properties of photoalignable aromatic polyesters containing phenylenediacrylate units in their backbones and n-alkyl moieties in their side groups
2004: Synthesis of novel polypyromellitimides with n-alkyloxy side chains and their liquid-crystal aligning property
2005: In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy Study on Imidization Reaction and Imidization-induced Refractive Index and Thickness Variations in Microscale Thin Films of a Poly(amic ester)
2005: Role of the n-Alkyl End of Bristles in Governing Liquid Crystal Alignment at Rubbed Films of Brush Polymer Rods
2006: Unusual Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Rubbed Films of Polyimides with Fluorenyl Side Groups
2008: Order-Order and Order-Disorder Transitions in Thin Films of an Amphiphilic Liquid Crystalline Diblock Copolymer
2008: Phase Transitions in Thin Films of a Diblock Copolymer Composed of a Linear Polymer Block and a Brush Polymer Block with Mesogenic Oligothiophenyl Bristles
2008: UV-Driven Switching of Chain Orientation and Liquid Crystal Alignment in Nanoscale Thin Films of a Novel Polyimide Bearing Stilbene Moieties in the Backbone
2009: Anisotropy and Raman absorption of the polyimide surface irradiated by the ion beam for liquid crystal alignment
2009: Novel Brush Polymers with Phosphorylcholine Bristle Ends: Synthesis, Structure, Properties, and Biocompatibility


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