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Ramaswamy, Sriram

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Ramaswamy, S.


Ananthakrishna, G.;   Cai, W.;   Chakrabarti, Buddhapriya;   Das, Moumita;   Das, Souvik;   Dasgupta, Chandan;   Hatwalne, Yashodhan;   Lubensky, T.C.;   Mazenko, Gene F.;   Menon, Narayanan;   Mishra, Shradha;   Narayan, Onuttom;   Narayan, Vijay;   Nityananda, Rajaram;   Prost, J.;   Prost, Jacques;   Raghunathan, V.A.;   Rao, Madan;   Sankararaman, Sumithra;   Simha, R. Aditi;   Sood, A.K.;   Toner, J.;   Toner, John

Publication Titles

1982: Viscosities diverge as 1/.omega. in smectic-A liquid crystals
1983: Breakdown of conventional hydrodynamics for smectic-A, hexatic-B, and cholesteric liquid crystals
1983: Breakdown of conventional hydrodynamics in three-dimensional systems with long-ranged two-dimensional translational order
1984: Smectics A and C Are Always Glasses
1984: Smectics A and C are always glasses
1984: Solidlike behavior in liquid layers: A theory of the yield stress in smectics
1988: Static and dynamic properties of incommensurate smectic-AIC liquid crystals
1991: Grain Boundary Structure: a Signature of Phasons in Incommensurate Smectics
1992: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics of the dilute lamellar phase
1992: Shear-induced collapse of the dilute lamellar phase
1993: Dynamics of lyotropic lamellar phases
1993: Hydrodynamics of the Renn-Lubensky twist grain boundary phase, and the decoupled lamellar phase
1994: Multiple Scattering of Light and Photon Diffusion in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
1994: Non-linear effects of membrane fluctuations in the dilute lamellar phase
1996: Power-law forces between particles in a nematic
1999: Nonequilibrium noise and instabilities in membranes with active pumps
2000: Nonequilibrium Fluctuations, Traveling Waves, and Instabilities in Active Membranes
2002: Hydrodynamic Fluctuations and Instabilities in Ordered Suspensions of Self-Propelled Particles
2002: Ratchet for energy transport between identical reservoirs
2003: Collective stochastic resonance in shear-induced melting of sliding bilayers
2004: Rheology of Active-Particle Suspensions
2004: Spatiotemporal Rheochaos in Nematic Hydrodynamics
2006: Active Nematics Are Intrinsically Phase Separated
2007: Long-Lived Giant Number Fluctuations in a Swarming Granular Nematic
2009: Instabilities and Waves in Thin Films of Living Fluids


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