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Raghunathan, V.A.


Bellare, J.;   Bisoyi, Hari Krishna;   Chandrasekhar, S.;   Destrade, C.;   Divya, A.P.;   Ganapathy, R.;   Ghosh, S.K.;   Ghosh, SajalKumar;   Glinka, Charles J.;   Harroun, T.A.;   Harroun, Thad A.;   Katsaras, J.;   Katsaras, John;   Koslowsky, Martin;   Krishnaswamy, R.;   Krishnaswamy, Rema;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Lakshmanan, S.;   Madhava, M.S.;   Madhusudana, N.V.;   Maheswara Murthy, P.R.;   Morrow, M.R.;   Murthy, H.N. Shreenivasa;   Murthy, P.R. Maheswara;   Nallet, F.;   Nieh, M.-P.;   Nieh, Mu-Ping;   Nityananda, Rajaram;   Pabst, G.;   Pabst, Georg;   Pal, Santanu Kumar;   Pencer, J.;   Poulin, P.;   Pratibha, R.;   Prost, Jacques;   Radhika, S.;   Raja, K.S.;   Ramakrishnan, S.;   Ramaswamy, Sriram;   Rathee, Vikram;   Reddy, R. Amaranatha;   Revannasiddaiah, D.;   Richetti, P.;   Roux, D.;   Sadashiva, B.K.;   Sengupta, Kheya;   Somashekar, R.;   Sood, A.K.;   Subramanya Raj Urs, M.;   Subramanya, M.;   Sumathy, K.R.;   Umadevi, S.;   Urs, Raj;   Watson, M.J.;   de Lannoy, Charles-Francois

Publication Titles

1984: Induction of smectic C phase in binary mixtures of compounds with cyano end groups
1985: Enhanced smectic A mesophase in mixtures of two terminally polar compounds
1987: Bend and splay elastic constants of a discotic nematic
1987: Flexoelectric origin of oblique-roll electrohydrodynamic instability in nematics
1988: Flexoelectric origin of oblique rolls with helical flow in electroconvective nematics under d.c. excitation
1989: A new threshold flexoelectric instability in nematic liquid crystals
1989: Influence of flexoelectricity on electrohydrodynamic instabilities in nematics
1992: An AC Electrooptic Technique of Comparing the Two Anchoring Energies of a Hybrid Aligned Nematic Cell
1992: Experimental Determination of the Flexoelectric Coefficients of a Number of Nematogens
1992: Undulatory Instbility of the Nematic-Isotropic Interface under a Vertical Magnetic Field
1993: An AC electro-optic technique of comparing the two anchoring energies of a hybrid aligned nematic cell
1993: Coupling between elastic deformation and concentration in a two-component nematic liquid crystal
1993: Experimental determination of the flexoelectric coefficients of some nematic liquid crystals
1994: On the dispersion of latex particles in a nematic solution. I. Experimental evidence and a simple model
1995: Molecular Chirality and the "Ripple" Phase of Phosphatidylcholine Multibilayers
1995: Undulatory instability of the nematic-isotropic interface
1996: Colloidal dispersions in a liquid crystalline medium
1996: Power-law forces between particles in a nematic
1997: Asymmetric Discotic Liquid Crystals Based on Rufigallol
1998: Synthesis and Properties of Main Chain Discotic Liquid Crystalline Polyethers Based on Rufigallol
2000: Evidence of columnar structure in compounds composed of banana-shaped molecules
2000: Phase transitions in colloidal dispersions in a liquid crystalline medium
2001: Orientational order parameter in 1-hexyl-4-(4-isothiocyanatophenyl)bicyclo[2,2,2]octane using x-rays
2003: Structure of the ripple phase of phospholipid multibilayers
2003: Structures of some surfactant-polyelectrolyte complexes
2004: Banana-Shaped Mesogens Derived from 2,7-Dihydroxynaphthalene and 1,3-Dihydroxybenzene: Novel Columnar Mesophases
2004: Finite-size effects in biomimetic smectic films
2004: Magnetically Alignable Phase of Phospholipid "Bicelle" Mixtures Is a Chiral Nematic Made Up of Wormlike Micelles
2004: Reentrant phase transitions of DNA-surfactant complexes
2004: Relationship between the unbinding and main transition temperatures of phospholipid bilayers under pressure
2005: Comprehensive Examination of Mesophases Formed by DMPC and DHPC Mixtures
2005: Novel Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Smectic and Columnar Mesophases in Fluorinated Symmetrical Bent-Core Compounds
2005: Phase Behavior of Concentrated Aqueous Solutions of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) and Sodium Hydroxy Naphthoate (SHN)
2006: Mesogenic dimers composed of bent-core molecules with flexible alkylene spacer
2007: Phase transitions in novel disulphide-bridged alkoxycyanobiphenyl dimers
2007: Structure of Mesh Phases in a Cationic Surfactant System with Strongly Bound Counterions
2008: Occurrence of Transition between Lamellar Antiferroelectric and Columnar Ferroelectric Phases in Achiral Seven-Ring Bent-Core Compounds Derived from 5-methoxyisophthalic Acid
2009: A nanophase segregated mesophase morphology in self-organized novel disc-rod oligomesogens
2009: Re-entrant Phase Behavior of a Concentrated Anionic Surfactant System with Strongly Binding Counterions


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