Index Name

Rädler, J.O.

Alternative Writings

Radler, J.O.;   Raedler, J.O.

Similar Names

Rädler, Joachim O.


Artzner, F.;   Bayer, J.;   Best, A.;   Feuillebois, F.;   Gansen, A.;   Guttenberg, Z.;   Hohner, A.;   Keller, S.;   Koltover, I.;   Kostur, M.;   Lumma, D.;   Rapp, G.;   Rathgeber, A.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Salditt, T.;   Schindler, M.;   Talkner, P.;   Vinogradova, O.I.;   Wixforth, A.;   Zantl, R.

Publication Titles

1997: Two-Dimensional Smectic Ordering of Linear DNA Chains in Self-Assembled DNA-Cationic Liposome Mixtures
1998: Observation of a Rectangular Columnar Phase in Condensed Lamellar Cationic Lipid-DNA Complexes
1998: Self-assembled DNA-cationic-lipid complexes: Two-dimensional smectic ordering, correlations, and interactions
1999: Thermotropic structural changes of saturated-cationic-lipid-DNA complexes
2003: Flow profile near a wall measured by double-focus fluorescence cross-correlation
2004: Flow profiling of a surface-acoustic-wave nanopump
2006: Wormlike lipid/DNA micelles in a non-polar solvent


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