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Radzihovsky, Leo

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Radzihovsky, L.


Bellini, Tommaso;   Clark, Noel A.;   Dorsey, Alan T.;   Ettouhami, A.M.;   Frey, Erwin;   Goldbart, Paul M.;   Jacobsen, Brad;   Lubensky, T.C.;   Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan;   Nelson, David R.;   Park, Jae;   Saunders, Karl;   Toner, John;   Vishwanath, Ashvin;   Weichman, Peter B.;   Xing, Xiangjun;   Zhang, Quan

Publication Titles

1997: Dirt Softens Soap: Anomalous Elasticity of Disordered Smectics
1997: Nematic-to-Smectic-A Transition in Aerogel
1999: Light-Induced Melting of Colloidal Crystals in Two Dimensions
1999: Smectic liquid crystals in random environments
1999: Two new topologically ordered glass phases of smectics confined in anisotropic random media
2000: A Discotic Disguised as a Smectic: A Hybrid Columnar Bragg Glass
2000: Topologically ordered phases of smectics confined in anisotropic random media: smectic Bragg glasses
2001: "Soft" Anharmonic Vortex Glass in Ferromagnetic Superconductors
2001: Universality and Scaling in the Disordering of a Smectic Liquid Crystal
2002: Symmetries and elasticity of nematic gels
2002: Theory of Quantum Hall Nematics
2002: Theory of bent-core liquid-crystal phases and phase transitions
2003: Fluctuating nematic elastomer membranes
2003: Universal Elasticity and Fluctuations of Nematic Gels
2004: Superfluid Transitions in Bosonic Atom-Molecule Mixtures near a Feshbach Resonance
2007: Thermal Fluctuations and Rubber Elasticity
2009: Liquid Crystal Cells with "Dirty" Substrates
2009: Quantum Liquid Crystals in an Imbalanced Fermi Gas: Fluctuations and Fractional Vortices in Larkin-Ovchinnikov States


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