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Purdy, Kirstin R.

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Purdy, K.R.

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Purdy, Kirstin


Adams, Marie;   Angelini, Thomas E.;   Bartles, James R.;   Butler, John C.;   Dogic, Zvonimir;   Fraden, Seth;   Galindo, Amparo;   Golestanian, Ramin;   Grelet, Eric;   Jackson, George;   Lai, Ghee Hwee;   Lurio, Lawrence;   Mochrie, Simon G.;   Rühm, Adrian;   Smalyukh, Ivan I.;   Varga, Szabolcs;   Wong, Gerard C.;   Zribi, Olena V.

Publication Titles

2003: Measuring the nematic order of suspensions of colloidal fd virus by x-ray diffraction and optical birefringence
2004: Isotropic-cholesteric phase transition of filamentous virus suspensions as a function of rod length and charge
2004: Isotropic-nematic phase transition in suspensions of filamentous virus and the neutral polymer Dextran
2005: Nematic Phase Transitions in Mixtures of Thin and Thick Colloidal Rods
2007: Structural Polymorphism of the Actin-Espin System: A Prototypical System of Filaments and Linkers in Stereocilia
2008: Self-Organized Gels in DNA/F-Actin Mixtures without Crosslinkers: Networks of Induced Nematic Domains with Tunable Density


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