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Prost, J.

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Prost, Jacques;   Proust, J.


Ajdari, A.;   Babeau, A.;   Barois, P.;   Baumann, C.;   Benzekri, M.;   Bruinsma, R.;   Cai, W.;   Callan-Jones, A.C.;   Carton, J.P.;   Claverie, T.;   Clement, M.;   Destrade, C.;   Dubois-Violette, E.;   Dupont, L.;   Défontaines, A.D.;   Galvan, J.-M.;   Gasparoux, H.;   Gohin, A.;   Guazzelli, E.;   Gurovich, E.;   Joanny, J.-F.;   Joanny, J.F.;   Jülicher, F.;   Kruse, K.;   Lalanne, J.R.;   Leibler, L.;   Lejek, L.;   Lubensky, T.;   Lubensky, T.C.;   Marcerou, J.-P.;   Marcerou, J.P.;   Nallet, F.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Park, Youngah;   Peliti, L.;   Pershan, P.S.;   Pommier, J.;   Ramaswamy, S.;   Ramaswamy, Sriram;   Regaya, B.;   Ricard, L.;   Rouillon, J.C.;   Roux, D.;   Salbreux, G.;   Sekimoto, K.;   Sigaud, G.;   Toner, John;   Tournilhac, F.;   Voituriez, R.

Publication Titles

1971: Determination of twist viscosity coefficient in the nematic mesophases
1971: Direct determination of the magnetic anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals
1972: 4th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
1972: Application des mesures de susceptibilité magnétique à l'étude de la transition cholestérique ? nématique
1973: Dynamics of molecular orientation, during the cholesteric -> nematic transition
1973: Influence of a magnetic field on susceptibilities measurements in the nematic phase
1973: Laser-induced optical Kerr effect and the dynamics of orientational order in the isotropic phase of a nematogen
1973: Magnetic properties of the chloesteric mesophases
1975: Dislocation and impurity effects in smectic-A liquid crystals
1976: Liquid crystals
1976: On the thermal dependence of the twist viscosity in nematic liquid crystals
1977: On the microscopic interpretation of flexoelectricity
1978: Flexoelectricity in isotropic phases
1978: Relaxational behavior of flexoelectricity
1978: Shear electricity in cholesterics
1979: "Second sound" propagation and the smectic response function
1979: Landau theory of the reentrant nematic-smectic A phase transition
1979: Smectic A to smectic A phase transition
1980: Reflections on the reentrant nematic and the SA-SA phase transitions
1980: The different aspects of flexoelectricity in nematics
1981: Critical behavior of second sound near the smectic A nematic phase transition
1983: Molecular orientational correlations in isotropic phases of nematogenic and smectogenic compounds
1983: Polymorphism in polar mesogens. II. Theoretical aspects
1984: Electric field effects in incommensurate smectic phases
1984: Ferroelectricity and commensurate lock-in of a modulated polarization wave incommensurate with an underlying lattice
1984: Frustrated smectics, a general framework for understanding a highly diversified polymorphism
1984: Linear electrooptic effect in the Lα liquid crystalline phase of DPPC
1984: Low frequency propagative modes and the breakdown of conventional hydrodynamics in liquid crystals
1984: N-SA1-SA2-SAd phase diagram: existence of a critical point SA2-SAd
1984: Pretransitional effects in isotropic phases close to nematic, nematic discoid and columnar phases
1984: Smectics: a model for dynamical systems?
1984: Smectics: a model for dynamical systems?
1984: The smectic state
1985: Frequency behavior of the second-sound damping in the smectic-A phase of octylcyanobiphenyl: evidence for the divergence of viscosities
1985: New critical points in frustrated smectics
1987: Dislocation-loop melting theory of phase diagrams with nematic regions surrounded by smectic regions
1987: Edge dislocation arrays in swollen lamellar phases
1988: New critical point in smectic liquid crystals
1988: On the smectic-A smectic-C* phase transition in high polarization ferroelectric liquid crystals
1989: A new mean field smectic A-smectic A' critical point in a symmetry breaking field
1989: Dynamic light scattering study of dilute lamellar phases
1989: Dynamic light scattering study of membrane interactions in colloidal smectics
1989: Hydrodynamics of lyotropic smectics: a dynamic light scattering study of dilute lamellar phases
1989: Pore opening in ferroelectric smectic-C free-standing films
1990: Critical behavior of the layer-compressional elastic modulus at a smectic-smectic isolated critical point
1990: Crumpling and second sound in lyotropic lamellar phases
1991: Fluctuation-induced long-range forces in liquid crystals
1991: Frustrated smectics: theoretical phase diagrams in mean field
1992: Ajdari, Prost, and Peliti reply
1992: ON Longitudal Ferroelectricity in Smectics
1992: The Microscopic and Macroscopic Dynamics of Dilute Lyotropic Phases
1993: Critical points in layered systems
1993: Dynamics of lyotropic lamellar phases
1994: Experimental evidence for the breakdown of conventional elasticity in smectics A
1994: Fluctuation forces and the devil's staircase of ferroelectric smectic Cs
1994: New phase transitions in block copolymer melts: a possible origin of complex mesophases
1994: Non-linear effects of membrane fluctuations in the dilute lamellar phase
1994: Theory of longitudinal ferroelectric smectics
2004: Asters, Vortices, and Rotating Spirals in Active Gels of Polar Filaments
2006: Generic Phase Diagram of Active Polar Films
2008: Viscous-Fingering-Like Instability of Cell Fragments
2009: Hydrodynamics of Cellular Cortical Flows and the Formation of Contractile Rings


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