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Price, A.H.

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Price, Alun H.


Agarwal, V.K.;   Beevers, M.S.;   Bone, M.F.;   Buka, Ágnes;   Clark, M.G.;   Davies, M.;   Evans, M.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   McDonnel, D.G.;   Moutran, R.;   Williams, G.

Publication Titles

1974: Dielectric measurements of N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline in the frequency range 1 kHz to 120 MHz
1975: Dielectric properties, refractive index, and far-infrared spectrum of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate
1976: Dielectric and optical studies of a nematogen (4,4-n-heptyl-cyanobiphenyl)
1981: Dielectric dispersion in nematogens
1983: Dielectric relaxation and order parameters in mixtures of 4-cyanobiphenyl and MBBA
1983: Liquid crystalline side-chain polymers
1984: Dielectric Studies of Monoester and Diester Nematogens
1985: Dielectric relaxation and order parameters in the nematic and smectic phases of 4-n-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (8CB)


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