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Prasad, S.K.

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Prasad, S. Krishna;   Prasad, Subbarao Krishna


Abraham, S.;   Chandrasekhar, S.;   Das, S.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Hegde, G.;   Jayaraman, N.;   Jayaraman, Narayanaswamy;   Jánossy, I.;   Kamien, R.D.;   Khened, S.M.;   Kumar, S.;   Naciri, J.;   Nair, G.G.;   Narayan, G.;   Paul, S.;   Prasad, V.;   Raja, V.N.;   Rao, D.S. Shankar;   Rao, D.S.S.;   Ratna, B.R.;   Ruth, J.;   Sadashiva, B.K.;   Selinger, Jonathan V.;   Shankar Rao, D.S.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shivkumar, B.;   Singh, Madan Kumar;   Spector, M.S.;   Weslowski, B.T.

Publication Titles

1984: A new kind of A-A transition: studies on binary mixtures of terminally substituted cyano and nitro compounds
1990: Spontaneous polarization and rotational viscosity measurements on ferroelectric liquid crystals derived from trans-p-n-alkoxycinnamic acids
1991: On the variation of pitch and polarization-tilt coupling in chiral smectic C
1993: Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers with large pyroelectric coefficients for infrared detectors
1994: Phase diagram involving the twist grain boundary phase in the vicinity of a virtual cholesteric-smectic A-smectic C* point
1999: Non-linear dielectric response of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
2000: Chiral twisting of a smectic-A liquid crystal
2001: Effects of Photo-Controlled Nanophase Segregation in a Re-entrant Nematic Liquid Crystal
2001: Optical generation of inversion walls in nematic liquid crystals
2003: Columnar mesophase in a novel series of banana-shaped compounds consisting of functional nitro groups
2003: Electrooptic and viewing angle characteristics of a display device employing a discotic nematic liquid crystal
2005: Dynamic Self-Assembly of the Liquid-Crystalline Smectic A Phase
2005: Observation of a Chiral Smectic Phase in Azobenzene-Linked Bolaamphiphiles Containing Free Sugars
2007: Studies of the mesomorphic behavior of bivalent carbohydrate amphiphiles


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