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Pozhidaev, Evgeny

Similar Names

Pozhidaev, E.;   Pozhidaev, Evgeni;   Pozhidaev, Evgeniy


Buchecker, Richard;   Chernova, Nina;   Chigrinov, Vladimir;   Kazachkov, Eduard;   Korotkova, Nataliya;   Loseva, Marina;   Narkevich, Julia;   Panarin, Yuri;   Panarin, Yury;   Petrashevich, Olga;   Rabinovich, Arnold;   Schadt, Martin;   Vorflusev, Valery

Publication Titles

1991: Dynamics of controlled birefringence in an electric field deformed helical structure of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1991: Structure of optically active compounds and ferroelectric properties of liquid crystals
1993: Synthesis and ferroelectric properties of some chiral dopants with a terphenyl central core
1996: Aligning properties and anchoring strength of ferroelectric liquid crystals

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