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Pospiech, Doris

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Pospiech, D.

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Pospiech, Doris U.


Alanko, Heli;   Baier, A.;   Bergström, Christer;   Böhme, Frank;   Dieckmann, F.;   Eckstein, Kathrin;   Eichhorn, K.J.;   Fedtke, Manfred;   Floudas, G.;   Freitag, Karl-Heinz;   Friedel, Peter;   Gottwald, A.;   Gottwald, Antje;   Harkonen, Mika;   Haubs, Michael;   Häußler, Liane;   Janke, Andreas;   Jehnichen, Dieter;   Kappler, Dennis Dl.;   Komber, Hartmut;   Kricheldorf, Hans R.;   Kummer, S.;   Leistner, Dirk;   Meyer, Evelin;   Mitrach, Kerstin;   Mäder, Edith;   Passiniemi, Pentti;   Pionteck, J.;   Rätzsch, Manfred;   Schauer, Gottfried;   Schneller, Arnold;   Siesler, H.W.;   Stamm, M.;   Tobisch, Josef;   Tänzer, Wolfram;   Uhlmann, Petra;   Vogel, Roland;   Voigt, Dieter;   Voit, Brigitte;   Wintzer, Jana;   Zebger, I.

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1985: Epoxide reactions. XIV. Reaction of glycidyl ethers with ketones
1990: Carbon-13 NMR analysis of poly[(m-phenylene terephthalate)-co-oxybenzoate]s: main-chain and end-group resonance assignments and sequence distribution
1990: New high-performance materials and fibers based on thermotropic liquid-crystalline main chain polymers
1990: Preparation of thermoplastic, moldable, fiber-reinforced composites
1993: Thermotropic block copolymers: polyesters with flexible poly(tetramethylene glycol) units in the main chain
1994: Melt-processable flexible liq. crystalline block copolyesterimide, its manufacture, and potential use
1994: Thermotropic elastomers with poly(oxy-1,4-butanediyl) units in the main chain
1996: LC multiblock copolymers containing polysulfone segments. I. Synthesis and morphology
1996: Rheo-optical Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of a liquid-crystalline block copolymer
1996: Structure investigations of regular main chain copolyesters
1997: Effect of multiblock copolymers in polymer blends
1997: LC multiblock copolymers containing polysulfone segments. II. Material properties
1997: Synthesis and inverse gas chromatographic characterization of polyesters containing pyridine units in the main chain
1997: The use of melt polycondensation for synthesis of LC multiblock copolymers
1998: Design of poly(ester imide)/polysulfone multiblock copolymers and their property profiles
1998: Synthesis of liquid crystalline multiblock copolymers
1998: Tailoring of polymer properties by the synthesis of multiblock copolymers
1999: Investigation of phase separation in multiblock copolymers consisting of polysulfone and a liquid crystalline polymer
1999: Synthesis of copolymers from a polyarylene sulfide and an aromatic polyester, and their use as blend compatibilizers
2000: Interface characterization of immiscible polymer blends by means of XR and NR investigations
2002: Self-Assembly and Viscoelastic Properties of Semifluorinated Polyesters


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