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Auernhammer, Günter K.;   Bohlius, Stefan;   Brand, H.R.;   Brand, Helmut;   Brand, Helmut R.;   Cladis, P.E.;   Jarkova, E.;   Martinoty, Philippe;   Menzel, Andreas M.;   Mukherjee, Prabir K.;   Müller, Hanns Walter;   Ried, Stefan;   Ryskin, Andrey;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Svenšek, Daniel;   Zimmermann, W.;   Zimmermann, Walter

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1984: Broken symmetries and hydrodynamics of hexatic B and smectic F and I liquid crystal phases
1985: Comment on "Microscopic derivation of nonlinear hydrodynamics in ordered systems with applications to nematic liquid crystals"
1985: New type of cholesteric liquid crystal
1985: Thermoundulations versus convection instability in cholesteric liquid crystals: A novel type of pattern competition
1986: Comment on "Elastic continuum theory of biaxial nematics"
1986: Dynamics of a screw dislocation in smectic A liquid crystals
1986: Structure of the core of a screw dislocation in smectic A liquid crystals
1987: Comments. Optical mode in tilted hexatics
1987: Electrically induced undulations and their competition with electrically induced convection in cholesteric liquid crystals
1987: Electromechanical effects in chiral smectic liquid crystals
1987: Macroscopic description of compensated cholesteric and chiral smectic liquid crystals
1987: Nonlinear effects in the electrohydrodynamics of uniaxial nematic liquid crystals
1988: Dynamics of a disclination point in smectic-C and -C* liquid-crystal films
1988: New theoretical results for the Lehmann effect in cholesteric liquid crystals
1988: Symmetry and static correlation function of tilted hexatic liquid crystals, comments
1988: Symmetry of Elastic Tensor: Hydrodynamics versus Lattice Dynamics
1988: Thermomechanical coupling in compensated cholesteric and chiral smectic liquid crystals
1989: A new crosscoupling in smectic C* liquid crystals near the transition to the A phase
1989: Anisotropy of sound anomalies near the smectic-A-hexatic-B phase transition
1990: Piezoelectricity versus flexoelectricity and electrostriction in cholesteric and chiral smectic liquid-crystalline elastomers
1990: Shape deformations of spherical vesicles under radial pressure
1990: Slowing down of molecular rotation at the A-C* transition in smectic liquid crystals
1991: Dielectric properties near the A-C* transition in smectic liquid crystals
1991: Dielectric properties of smectic-C* liquid crystals
1991: Hydrodynamic and electrohydrodynamic properties of the smectic phase in liquid crystals
1991: The biaxial nematic-smectic CM transition in polymeric liquid crystals
1992: Comment on "Rayleigh scattering from column undulations in a discotic liquid crystal"
1992: Hydrodynamic, soft, and relaxational modes in chiral liquid crystal side-chain polymers
1992: Local rotational degrees of freedom in nematic liquid -crystalline side-chain polymers
1992: Macroscopic dynamics and electromechanical effects in chiral smectic liquid crystalline polymers
1992: Macroscopic dynamics of an isotropic liquid phase containing chiral objects
1992: Symmetry and defects in the CM phase of polymeric liquid crystals
1992: The Smectic C* Phase
1993: Dynamic electroacoustic effects in chiral smectic liquid crystals
1993: Piezoelectricity and the structure of ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystalline side-chain polymers
1993: Piezoelectricity in cholesteric liquid crystalline structures
1994: Electrohydrodynamics of nematic liquid crystalline elastomers
1995: Electroconvective Instabilities in SmC* Cliquid Crystal Films
1996: Electroconvective instabilities in smectic-C* liquid crystal films
1996: Polarization Frederiks Transition in Smectic C* Liquid Crystal Films
1996: Polarization Frederiks transition in SmC* liquid-crystal films
1997: Competition between Instabilities in Electrically Driven Freestanding Smectic C Films
1997: Flexoelectric effects in cholesteric liquid crystals
1998: Electrically driven instabilities in smectic liquid crystal films
1998: Nonlinear hydrodynamics of strongly deformed smectic C and C* liquid crystals
1999: Nonlinear hydrodynamics of strongly deformed smectic C and C* liquid crystals
2000: Fluid biaxial banana phases: Symmetry at work
2000: Polar biaxial liquid crystalline phases with fluidity in two and three spatial dimensions
2001: Antiferroelectricity in Liquid Crystals
2001: Macroscopic dynamics near the isotropic-smectic-A phase transition
2002: Landau model of the smectic C–isotropic phase transition
2002: Shear-induced instabilities in layered liquids
2002: Tetrahedratic Bananas
2003: Hydrodynamic instabilities in ferronematics
2003: Thermal convection in binary fluid mixtures with a weak concentration diffusivity, but strong solutal buoyancy forces
2004: Influence of a magnetic field on the Soret-effect-dominated thermal convection in ferrofluids
2004: Macroscopic dynamics of ferronematics and ferrogels
2004: Macroscopic dynamics of uniaxial magnetic gels
2006: Phase Winding in Chiral Liquid Crystalline Monolayers due to Lehmann Effects
2006: Selected macroscopic properties of liquid crystalline elastomers
2009: Nematic elastomers: director reorientation and nonlinear stress-strain behavior
2009: On the nonlinear stress-strain behavior of nematic elastomers – materials of two coupled preferred directions


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