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Pishnyak, O.P.

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Pishnyak, Oleg P.


Gorshkov, V.N.;   Kelly, J.R.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Nastishin, Yu.A.;   Reznikov, Yuri A.;   Shiyanovskii, S.V.;   Smalyukh, I.I.;   Soskin, Marat S.;   Tang, S.;   Vasnetsov, Mikhail V.;   Yaroshchuk, O.V.

Publication Titles

1999: Phase dislocations in a focused Gaussian beam induced via self-action in a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal cell
2002: 3D Director Structures and Shape of Meniscus in Free Standing SmA Films Studied by Fluorescence Confocal Polarizing Microscopy
2004: Comment on "Self-Organized Periodic Photonic Structure in a Nonchiral Liquid Crystal"
2007: Levitation, Lift, and Bidirectional Motion of Colloidal Particles in an Electrically Driven Nematic Liquid Crystal

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