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Pindak, Ronald

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Pindak, R.;   Pindak, Ronald S.


Barois, Philippe;   Bellini, Tommaso;   Chapman, Brandon D.;   Cheng, Ming;   Clark, Noel A.;   Cross, Julie O.;   Furenlid, Lars;   Goodby, J.W.;   Ho, John T.;   Huang, Cheng-Cher;   Hui, S.W.;   Jones, Christopher D.;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Mach, Peter;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Moncton, David;   Nakata, Michi;   Rosenblatt, Charles;   Young, Charles Y.;   Zanchetta, Giuliano

Publication Titles

1976: Cholesteric pitch of cholesteryl decanoate near the smectic-A transition
1978: Light-scattering study of two-dimensional molecular-orientation fluctuations in a freely suspended ferroelectric liquid-crystal film
1979: Freely suspended ferroelectric liquid crystal films: absolute measurements of polarization, elastic constants, and viscosities
1980: Temperature behavior of ferroelectric liquid-crystal thin films: A classical XY system
1982: Two-dimensional systems
1987: Electron-diffraction study of free-standing liquid-crystal films
1988: Comment on. "Harmonics of orientational order in liquid crystals"
1988: Observation of two-dimensional hexatic behavior in free-standing liquid-crystal thin films
1994: Electron diffraction studies of surface freezing in hexatic B films
1999: Orientational correlations in liquid crystalline systems revealed by polarization-analyzed resonant x-ray scattering
2007: End-to-End Stacking and Liquid Crystal Condensation of 6- to 20-Base Pair DNA Duplexes


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