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Pincus, P.

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Pincus, Philip


Chibbaro, M.A.;   Davidson, P.;   Eiselt, P.;   Jeppesen, C.;   Kim, Y.;   Kim, Y.-H.;   Lau, A.W.;   Marques, C.M.;   Netz, Roland R.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Santangelo, C.D.;   Schmidt, H.-W.;   Sens, P.;   Slack, N.L.;   Turner, M.S.;   Warriner, H.E.;   Yaman, K.;   de Gennes, Pierre-Gilles

Publication Titles

1970: Magnetic properties of liquid crystals
1976: Instabilities under mechanical tension in a smectic cylinder
1977: Nematic Polymers
1977: Nematic Polymers Excluded Volume Effects
1978: Nematic polymers
1978: Nematic polymers: excluded volume effects
1979: Nematic polymers: excluded-volume effects
1992: Introduction to the physics of complex fluids
1995: Inhomogeneous fluid membranes: Segregation, ordering, and effective rigidity
1997: Membranes in Rod Solutions: A System with Spontaneously Broken Symmetry
1997: Particulate inclusions in a lamellar phase
2001: The bridging conformations of double-end anchored polymer-surfactants destabilize a hydrogel of lipid membranes
2002: Coiling instabilities of multilamellar tubes
2002: Counterion condensation and fluctuation-induced attraction


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