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Photinos, D.J.

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Photinos, Demetri J.


Bates, M.A.;   Christopoulos, D.K.;   Diez, S.;   Dingemans, T.;   Doane, J.W.;   Dunmur, D.A.;   Elsäßer, R.;   Galindo, A.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Haslam, A.J.;   Jackson, G.;   Jubindo, M.Á.P.;   Karahaliou, P.K.;   Kosmopoulos, J.;   Kotsionopoulou, G.P.;   Luz, Z.;   Marinov, Y.;   McGrother, S.C.;   Mehl, G.;   Mehl, G.H.;   Meyer, T.;   Nikolakopoulos, K.J.;   Peroukidis, S.D.;   Petrov, A.G.;   Poliks, B. Janik;   Poon, C.-D.;   Richardson, R.M.;   Rodriguez-Martin, D.;   Samulski, Edward T.;   Serpi, H.S.;   Teris, A.F.;   Terzis, A.F.;   Theodoropoulou, M.A.;   Toriumi, H.;   Vanakaras, A.G.;   Varga, S.;   Veith, M.;   Weissflog, W.;   Wutz, Christoph;   Zimmermann, H.;   de la Fuente, M. Rosario

Publication Titles

1981: Reply to "Comment on the NMR determination of molecular order in the smectic-C phase"
1986: Determination of alkyl chain orientational order from deuterium magnetic resonance spectra of liquid crystals
1987: On the conformational effects of intermolecular interactions in nematics
1988: NMR study of segmental molecular interactions in liquid crystals
1989: On the alignment mechanism of n-alkanes in the nematic phase
1991: Molecular ordering in nematics: the modular formulation of the potential of mean torque
1991: n-Hexane proton dipolar couplings and the rotational isomeric state approximation
1992: Deuterium NMR Study of Discotic Mesogens Dissolved in Calamitic Nematic Solvents
1992: Dipolar coupling study of the conformations and ordering of 4-chloroethoxybenzene in a nematic solvent
1992: Electric Dipole Interactions in the Nematic Phase: Their Effects on Molecular Ordering and Thermodynamic Stability
1992: Flexible Dimer Molecules in Ordered Phases
1992: NMR Study of the Effects of Electric Dipole Interactions on the Ordering of Chain Solutes in the Nematic Phase
1992: NMR study of the effects of electric dipole interactions on the ordering of chain solutes in the nematic phase
1992: Theory of Main Chain Nematic Polymers: The Influence of Spacer Length and Parity on Ordering
1993: Electric dipole interactions of chain molecules in nematics: the analysis of segmental ordering in .alpha.,.omega.-dibromoalkanes
1993: Oblate hexaalkoxytriphenylene solutes in a prolate nematic solvent: a deuterium NMR study of alkyl chain ordering
1994: Electrostatic interactions in liquid crystals: ordering of rigid solutes in nematic solvents
1995: Electric dipoles and phase stability in nematic liquid crystals
1995: The interactions of small chain solutes in nematic solvents
1996: The influence of spacer chain conformations on the nematic ordering of main chain polymers
1997: Molecular Theory and Computer Simulations of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Ordering in Tilted Smectics
1997: The isotropic-nematic transition of dipolar spherocylinders: combining thermodynamic perturbation with Monte Carlo simulation
1997: Theory of biaxial nematic ordering in rod-disk mixtures revisited
1998: Hydrogen-bonding and phase biaxiality in nematic rod-plate mixtures
1999: Theory of molecular deformations and mesomorphic behavior of dendrimers
2000: Computer simulation of the interface between two liquid crystalline phases in rod-plate binary mixtures
2000: Conformational phase transitions and re-entrance phenomena in dendromesogens
2000: Shape parameters and uniaxial deformability of mesogenic dimers with flexible spacers
2001: Flexoelectricity of wedge-like molecules in nematic mixtures
2001: On the molecular requirements for the stabilisation of thermotropic biaxial ordering in rod-plate nematics
2001: The smectic phase of spherical-fan-shaped molecules. A computer simulation study
2002: Computer Modeling of Linear Dendronized Polymers
2002: New Liquid Crystalline Phases from Fan-Shaped Molecules
2002: Ordering of Polar Solutes in Nematic Solvents
2002: The Conformations of 1,2-Dimethoxyethane from NMR Studies in Nematic Solvents
2002: Tilt order parameters, polarity, and inversion phenomena in smectic liquid crystals
2003: Dielectric studies of a laterally-linked siloxane ester dimer
2003: Polar molecular organisation in liquid crystals
2003: Structure-properties relationships in a series of liquid crystals based on carbosilazane cores
2003: The phase behavior of a binary mixture of rodlike and disclike mesogens: Monte Carlo simulation, theory, and experiment
2003: Theory and simulation of biaxial nematic and orthogonal smectic phases formed by mixtures of board-like molecules
2005: On the molecular theory of dimeric liquid crystals
2009: Biaxial nematics: symmetries, order domains and field-induced phase transitions


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