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Petrzilka, Martin

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Petrzilka, M.


Boller, A.;   Boller, Arthur;   Buchecker, Richard;   Gerber, P.R.;   Germann, Alfred;   Lee-Schmiederer, Silvia;   Leenhouts, F.;   Oesterhelt, Gottfried;   Schadt, M.;   Schadt, Martin;   Schleich, K.;   Schleich, Kuno;   Trickes, G.;   Trickes, Georg;   Villiger, A.;   Villiger, Alois

Publication Titles

1982: Decalins and their use in liquid crystal compositions.
1982: Substituted 2-phenyl- and 2-cyclohexyl-trans-decalins, new classes of nematic liquid crystals
1983: Acetylenes for liquid crystal dielectrics for optical display devices.
1983: Liquid crystal mixture
1983: New Classes of Nematic Liquid Crystals with Broad Mesomorphic Ranges
1983: New liquid crystal materials; physical properties and performance in displays for automobile, high information density and guest-host applications
1983: Nitriles
1983: Phenylethanes
1983: Pyridazines for liquid crystal display devices.
1984: Apolar acetylenic liquid crystals
1984: Colored liquid crystal mixtures containing phenylethane
1984: Dicyanobenzenes
1984: Liquid crystal components having an alkenyl chain
1984: Nematic benzonitriles
1984: New liquid crystals : the influence of e-alkenyl side chains on the mesomorphic behaviour of typical nematogens
1984: Physical properties of novel liquid crystals exhibiting fast response and low elastic ratios K33/K11
1984: Polar acetylenic liquid crystals with broad mesomorphic ranges. The positional influence of different C,C-elements on the transition temperatures
1984: Pyridazine derivatives for electrooptical displays
1984: Tetra- and pentacyclic esters for liquid crystal displays
1984: Tetra- and pentacyclic monoesters for optical display devices and chromatographic stationary phases
1985: Liquid crystalline cyclohexylbenzene and cyclohexylbiphenyl derivatives and their use in electrooptics and gas chromatography
1985: New liquid crystals: the synthesis and mesomorphic properties of alkenylsubstituted cyanophenylethylcyclohexanes and cyanobiphenylylcyclohexanes
1985: New liquid crystals: the synthesis and mesomorphic properties of nematic alkenyl-substituted cyanophenylcyclohexanes
1985: Polar alkenyls: physical properties and correlations with molecular structure of new nematic liquid crystals
1986: Coloring substance-containing liquid crystal mixtures
1986: Cyclohexanecarbonitriles and their use as components for liquid crystal compositions
1986: Liquid crystal mixtures containing compounds with a 4-alkenyl or cis-2-alkenyl side chain
1986: Liquid crystals
1986: Liquid crystals with alkenyl or alkenyloxy groups
1986: New nematic liquid crystals: influence of rigid cores, alkenyl side-chains and polarity on material and display properties
1986: The synthesis and mesomorphic properties of liquid crystals containing three-membered ring systems
1987: New liquid crystals: the mesomorphic properties of mono- and bisalkenyl(oxy) substituted esters


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