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Petrov, M.

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Petrov, Minko


Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza;   Angelov, A.;   Antonova, K.;   Armentano, S.;   Baran, J.;   Barbero, G.;   Bartolino, R.;   Bobadova-Parvanova, P.;   Braslau, A.;   Dozov, I.;   Durand, G.;   Fontana, M.P.;   Frunza, L.;   Frunza, S.;   Ghedini, M.;   Hauck, G.;   Hinov, H.;   Kalafatov, V.;   Katranchev, B.;   Kirov, N.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Marcerou, J.P.;   Martinot-Lagarde, Ph.;   Nenova, S.;   Neve, F.;   Nikolova, E.;   Parvanov, V.;   Petroff, B.;   Petrov, B.;   Pushkarov, Ch.;   Ratajczak, H.;   Rosi, B.;   Rustichelli, F.;   Simova, P.;   Sparavigna, A.;   Tenev, T.;   Tonchev, S.;   Torgova, S.I.;   Torquati, G.;   Tsonev, L.;   Versace, C.C.

Publication Titles

1977: Coherent light diffraction in a smectic C liquid crystal
1977: Investigation of the relaxation times for formation and break-up of Williams domains in MBBA nematic liquid crystals
1977: Pulsating diffraction by two-dimensional diffraction grating in a smectic C liquid crystal
1978: Electrohydrodynamic instabilities in smectic C
1978: Storage effect in smectic C liquid crystal
1979: Molecular director behavior at domain instability in smectic C
1981: Dynamic scattering with storage in nematics with smectic C order
1981: Dynamic scattering with storage in smectics C and nematics with smectic C ordering
1981: Electrohydrodynamic instabilities in nematics with small positive anisotropy and smectic C order
1981: Modulation of diffracted light by domains in smectic C liquid crystals
1981: Modulation of the light diffracted from the domain structure in MBBA
1981: On the origin of electrohydrodynamic instabilities in smectic C liquid crystals
1982: Phase transition in a nematic region of p-n-octyloxybenzoic acid
1982: Wall orientation of smectic C liquid single crystals
1983: Growing of local smectic C monocrystals from an initially twisted nematic phase
1983: Observations of Sm C layer undulations and Sm C edge-dislocations in NOBA films
1983: On the electrical conductivity in the nematic phase of 4-n-alkyloxybenzoic acids HOBA, OOBA, and NOBA
1983: Rayleigh scattering of light and electrohydrodynamics instability in 4-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl 4'-(n-decyloxy)benzoate (HOPDOB)
1984: Rayleigh scattering in nematic phase with some smectic C ordering
1984: The Electrohydrodynamical Transient instability region in Smectic C liquid crystals
1985: Induced smectic A phase by homeotropic orientation in 4, n-octyloxybenzoic acid (OOBA) at nematic-smectic C phase transition
1985: Intermediate smectic A-state at nematic-smectic C phase transition at tilted orientation
1986: Influence of the boundary conditions on the characteristic temperature in the nematic preceding smectic C phase of 4-n-heptyloxybenzoic acid
1986: Observation of Intermediate Smectic A Structure at the Phase Transition Nematic-Smectic C in 4,4'-di-n-Heptyloxyazoxybenzene
1986: The Smectic Polymorphism and the Phase Transitions in the Liquid Crystal 4-n-Hexyloxyphenyl-4'-n-Decyloxybenzoate
1987: A boundary induced smectic A-like structure
1987: Molecular rotational dynamics in highly ordered smectic mesophases
1987: New liquid crystalline compounds containing transition metals
1987: Phase transition of nematic to smectic C through an intermediate boundary induced smectic A structure
1987: The influence of the boundary conditions on the character of the phase transition nematic-smectic C
1988: Texture and calorimetric investigations of some new copper(II) coordination compounds with mesomorphic properties
1990: Electrooptic properties of the ferroelectric smectic C phase induced by chiral dopants in HOBA and OOBA
1990: New data for the peculiar temperature point in the nematic phase with smectic C ordering
1990: Textural and calorimetric investigations on a homologous series of mesogenic azo compounds complexed with palladium(II)
1992: Surface induced transitions in the nematic phase of 4-octyloxybenzoic acid
1994: Far-IR spectroscopic investigations of nematic liquid crystals with hydrogen-bonded molecules
1994: The macroscopic behavior of nematics with hydrogen-bonded molecules: explanation through far-IR spectroscopy
1995: Far IR spectroscopic investigations of nematic liquid crystals with hydrogen bonded molecules. Comparison with nonoriented systems
1995: Fourier transform far-infrared spectroscopy of the hydrogen bond in 4-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
1995: Landau theory for the surface induced order transitions in the nematic phase with hydrogen bonded molecules
1996: Dielectric and DSC investigations of 4-n-substituted benzoic and cyclohexane carboxylic acid, I. Textural changes in homologous 4-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
1996: Polar Surface Bifurcation in Dimerized Nematic Phase of 4-n Alkyloxybenzoic Acids
1997: Macro and Microscopical Properties of the Nematics with Short Range Smectic C Order and Dimerized Molecules
1997: The Influence of Dielectric and Conducting Orienting Surfaces on the Surface Memory Effect in the Nematics with Short Range Smectic C Order
1998: Conformational order-disorder transitions in dimerized nematics indicated by far-IR spectroscopy
1998: Elastic model for twisted nematic textures in OOBA layers
2000: Electrical driving of the surface memorization in dimerized nematics with short range smectic order
2000: Molecular Structure of the Nematic Liquid Crystals made by Hydrogen Bonded in Dimers Molecules
2000: Scanning of the surface polar angle values in liquid crystal cells using the surface memory effect
2000: The surface order parameter and anchoring energy in nematics made by hydrogen bonded molecules
2001: The surface action on dimer-monomer liquid crystal system
2002: The influence of a bulk twist on the surface memorization in the liquid crystal HOBA
2004: FT-far IR spectroscopy and microtextural polarization analysis of complexes: nematics with hydrogen-bonded dimers of 4,n-alkyloxybenzoic acids with 4-hydroxypyridine
2005: Surface zenithal anchoring of nematic on holographic gratings


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