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Pes, M.A.

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Pes, Maria A.


Azemar, N.;   Diz, M.;   Erra, P.;   Infante, M.R.;   Parra, J.L.;   Pinazo, A.;   Solans, C.;   Vilchez, A.

Publication Titles

1989: Surface-active derivatives of amino acids: phase and formation behavior of microemulsions in systems of N.alpha.-lauroylarginine methyl ester
1990: Lipoamino acid surfactants: phase behavior of long chain N.alpha.-acyl arginine methyl esters
1992: Synthesis and properties of arginine-based cationic surfactants
1993: Synthesis and properties of cationic surfactants containing a disulfide bond

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