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Pershan, P.S.

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Pershan, Peter S.


Aeppli, G.;   Als-Nielsen, J.;   Amador, S.;   Amador, S.M.;   Amador, Suzanne;   Asher, S.A.;   Axe, J.D.;   Birgeneau, R.J.;   Braslau, A.;   Chan, K.K.;   Chan, Kelby K.;   Chan, Winston;   Chiang, L.Y.;   Chou, Chien-Heng;   Christensen, F.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Collett, J.;   Collett, J.A.;   Collett, Jeffrey;   Deutsch, M.;   Deutsch, Moshe;   Dolphin, D.H.;   Fisch, M.R.;   Forster, Dieter;   Foster, W.F.;   Foster, W.J.;   Fukuto, M.;   Griffin, R.G.;   Habenschuss, A.;   Hardouin, F.;   Heilmann, R.K.;   Hirth, J.P.;   Huang, J.S.;   Ice, G.E.;   Jen, Shen;   Kawamoto, E.H.;   Kellogg, G.J.;   Lee, S.;   Liao, York;   Litster, J.D.;   Lubensky, Tom C.;   Martin, P.C.;   Martin, Paul C.;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Meyers, Robert B.;   Ocko, B.;   Ocko, B.M.;   Parodi, O.;   Powers, L.;   Priestley, E.B.;   Prost, J.;   Prost, Jacques;   Regan, M.J.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Schlossman, M.L.;   Schnopper, H.W.;   Schwartz, D.;   Schwartz, D.K.;   Shih, M.C.;   Silver, E.H.;   Sirota, E.;   Sirota, E.B.;   Sirota, Eric B.;   Sorensen, L.B.;   Soto, C.M.;   Stragier, H.;   Swanson, B.D.;   Swift, Jack;   Swislow, G.;   Tidswell, I.M.;   Tirrell, D.A.;   Tweet, D.J.;   Wasserman, S.R.;   Weiss, A.;   Weiss, A.H.;   Westergaard, N.J.;   Whitesides, G.M.;   Yu, S.M.;   Zhou, X.-L.

Publication Titles

1970: New elastic-hydrodynamic theory of liquid crystals
1971: Hydrodynamics of liquid crystals
1971: Raman scattering from nematic liquid crystals. Determination of the degree of ordering
1972: Unified hydrodynamic theory for crystals, liquid crystals, and normal fluids
1973: Brillouin scattering from smectic liquid crystals
1973: Investigation of nematic ordering using Raman scattering
1973: Light scattering by deformation of the plane texture of smectic and cholesteric liquid crystals
1973: Raman Scattering from a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Orientational Statistics
1973: Surface polarity induced domains in liquid crystals
1974: Dislocation effects in smectic-A liquid crystals
1975: Dislocation and impurity effects in smectic-A liquid crystals
1976: Flexoelectricity in nematic and smectic-A liquid crystals
1977: Forced Rayleigh scattering from lipid-water smectic phases
1977: Polarized Raman scattering studies of orientational order in uniaxial liquid crystalline phases
1978: Head-group conformation in phospholipids: a phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance study of oriented monodomain dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayers
1979: Amphiphilic molecules and liquid crystals
1979: Landau theory of the reentrant nematic-smectic A phase transition
1979: Parabolic focal conics and polygonal textures in lipid liquid crystals
1979: Raman studies of orientational order in liquid crystals
1980: Low frequency shear elastic properties of smectic A liquid crystals
1981: Absolute measurement of the critical properties of second sound at the smectic-A-to-nematic phase transition in 8OCB
1981: High-resolution x-ray study of the smectic A-smectic B phase transition and the smectic B phase in butyloxybenzylideneoctylanilin e
1981: Observation of second sound using light scattering from a free surface smectic A
1982: Anomalous temperature dependence of the elastic constant B at the smectic-to-nematic phase transition in binary mixtures of hexyloxycyanobiphenyl-octyloxycyanobiphenyl (6OCB-8OCB)
1982: New crystal for 200-1200 eV soft X-ray spectroscopy
1982: Smectic-A order at the surface of a nematic liquid crystal: synchrotron x-ray diffraction
1982: Synchrotron X-Ray Study of Novel Crystalline-B Phases in Heptyloxybenzylidene-Heptylaniline (7O.7)
1983: Synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of liquid surfaces
1984: Absolute measurement of the critical behavior of the smectic elastic constant of bilayer and monolayer smectic-A liquid crystals on approaching the transition to the nematic phase
1984: Dislocation model for restacking phase transitions in crystalline-B liquid crystals
1984: Smectic order at the surface of nematic liquid crystals X-ray synchrotron studies
1984: Synchrotron X-Ray Study of the Thickness Dependence of the Phase Diagram of Thin Liquid-Crystal Films
1984: Synchrotron x-ray study of the thickness dependence of the phase diagram of thin liquid-crystal films
1984: X-ray reflectivity from the surface of a liquid crystal: surface structure and absolute value of critical fluctuations
1984: X-ray scattering studies of nematic and smectic A critical behaviour in DB6-TBBA mixtures
1984: X-ray scattering studies of variable thickness freely suspended smectic B films
1985: Integrated x-ray-scattering intensity measurement of the order parameter at the nematic-to-smectic-A phase transition
1985: X-ray scattering study of restacking transitions in the crystalline-B phases of (heptyloxybenzylidene)heptylaniline (70.7)
1985: X-ray scattering study of the smectic-A1 to smectic-A2 transition
1985: X-ray studies of tilted hexatic phases in thin liquid-crystal films
1986: Novel x-ray diffractometer for liquid surface studies
1986: Quantized Layer Growth at Liquid-Crystal Surfaces
1986: Quantized layer growth at liquid-crystal surfaces
1986: X-ray studies of transitions between nematic, smectic-A1, -A2, and -Ad phases
1987: Incommensurate smectic order at the free surface in the nematic phase of 4-n-heptylphenyl-4'-(4''-nitrobenzoyloxy)benzoate (DB7NO2)
1987: Liquid and liquid crystal surfaces
1987: Modulated crystalline-B phases in liquid crystals
1987: Smectic layering at the free surface of liquid crystals in the nematic phase: X-ray reflectivity
1987: Synchrotron x-ray observation of surface smectic-I hexatic layers on smectic-C liquid-crystal films
1987: X-ray and optical studies of the thickness dependence of the phase diagram of liquid-crystal films
1988: X-ray reflectivity studies of a microemulsion surface
1989: Liquid crystal surfaces
1989: Synchrotron studies of the first-order melting transitions of hexatic monolayers and multilayers in freely suspended liquid-crystal films
1990: Light-scattering and ellipsometry studies of the two-dimensional smectic C to smectic A transition in thin liquid-crystal films
1990: Structure of surfaces and interfaces as studied using synchrotron radiation
1990: X-ray specular reflection studies of silicon coated by organic monolayers (alkylsiloxanes)
1991: Relaxation and the reentrant appearance of phases in a molecular monolayer
1991: X-ray studies of the surface and bulk structure of the isotropic and nematic phase of a lyotropic liquid crystal
1992: Re-entrant appearance of phases in a relaxed Langmuir monolayer of tetracosanoic acid as determined by x-ray scattering
1995: X-ray reflectivity measurements and Landau theory of smectic wetting in liquid crystal-benzyl alcohol mixtures
1996: The structure of a Langmuir monolayer of methyl eicosanoate as determined by x-ray diffraction and Brewster angle microscopy
1997: Model-independent reconstruction of smooth electron density profiles from reflectivity data of liquid surfaces
2002: Confinement-induced order of tethered alkyl chains at the water/vapor interface
2009: X-ray Scattering From Liquid Surfaces: Effect of Resolution


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