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Pergamenshchik, V.M.


Alexe-Ionesco, A.L.;   Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza;   Barbero, G.;   Bodnar, V.G.;   Bodnar, Vladimir G.;   Boiko, O.P.;   Chernyshuk, S.B.;   Gayvoronsky, V.Ya.;   Kasian, N.A.;   Kléman, M.;   Koval'chuk, Alexandr V.;   Koval'chuk, O.V.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lavrentovich, Oleg D.;   Lev, B.I.;   Lisetski, L.N.;   Lobov, A.V.;   Muševic, I.;   Nastishin, Yu.A.;   Nazarenko, V.G.;   Nych, A.B.;   Ognysta, U.M.;   Panikarskaya, V.D.;   Sergan, V.V.;   Skacej, G.;   Sluckin, T.J.;   Sorokin, V.M.;   Strigazzi, A.;   Subacius, D.;   Teixeira, P.I.C.;   Uzunova, V.A.;   Uzunova, V.O.;   Vasyuta, R.M.;   Yakunin, S.V.;   Zavora, L.N.;   Ziherl, P.;   Škarabot, M.;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1989: Periodic structures in thin layers of nematics
1990: Periodic domain structures in thin hybrid nematic layers
1991: Surface polarizational electrooptical effect in nematic liquid crystals
1991: Threshold of structural transition in nematic drops with normal boundary conditions in AC electric field
1992: Long Wave Stripe Domain in Thin Hybrid Nematic Layer: The Role of K24-and K13-Terms
1992: The K13-Term in the Nematic Free Energy and Anomalous Freedericksz Transition
1992: The threshold for the hedgehog-ring structural transition in nematic drops in an alternating electric field
1993: A model calculation of the surface elastic constants of a nematic liquid crystal
1993: Distortions induced by the K13 surfacelike elastic term in a thin nematic liquid-crystal films
1993: Phenomenological approach to the problem of the K13 surfacelike elastic term in the free energy of a nematic liquid crystal
1993: Surfacelike-elasticity-induced spontaneous twist deformations and long-wavelength stripe domains in a hybrid nematic layer
1994: Nucleation of focal conic domains in smectic A liquid crystals
1994: Stripe domain phase of a thin nematic film and the K13 divergence term
1995: Measurement of polar anchoring coefficient for nematic cell with high pretilt angle
1996: Magnetic field effects in a nematic cell with a high tilt angle ("first-order theory")
1997: K13-induced deformations in a nematic liquid crystal: experimental test of the first-order theory
1997: Non-Monotonous Behavior of the Optical Phase Retardation in a Nematic Layer
1997: Subsurface Deformations in Nematic Liquid Crystal Predicted by A Lattice Model
1997: Subsurface deformations in nematic liquid crystals: the hexagonal lattice approach
1998: K13 term and effective boundary condition for the nematic director
1998: Magnetic field controlled optical phase retardation in a hybrid nematic cell
1998: Nonideal surface and boundary condition for the nematic director
1999: Non-Debye screening of a surface charge and a bulk-ion-controlled anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystal
1999: Surface variations of the density and scalar order parameter and the elastic constants of a uniaxial nematic phase
2000: Non-debye charge screening and adsorbed-ion-induced anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystal
2000: Spontaneous deformations of the uniform director ground state induced by the surfacelike elastic terms in a thin planar nematic layer
2002: Full energy expression of a uniaxial nematic phase with spatially dependent density and order parameters: From microscopic to macroscopic theory
2002: Intermediate periodic "saddle-splay" nematic phase in the vicinity of a nematic-smectic-A transition
2006: Hypothesis of Dye Aggregation in a Nematic Liquid Crystal: From Experiment to a Model of the Enhanced Light-Director Interaction
2007: Coexistence of Two Colloidal Crystals at the Nematic-Liquid-Crystal–Air Interface
2007: Elastic charge density representation of the interaction via the nematic director field
2007: Polarizing Properties of Functional Optical Films Based on Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals
2008: Effects of Anthraquinone Dye Aggregation on Selective Reflection Spectra of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
2009: Interaction of the Torque-Induced Elastic Charge and Elastic Dipole with a Wall in a Nematic Liquid Crystal


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