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Pena, J.M.S.

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Pena, José M. Sánchez


Castillo, P.L.;   Gaona, N.;   Gayo, J.L.;   Gonzalo, A.B.;   Lallana, P.C.;   Levy, D.;   Manzanares, R.;   Marcos, C.;   Olarte, F.;   Olias, E.;   Oton, J.M.;   Otón, J.M.;   Perez, I.;   Pérez, I.;   Quintana, X.;   Rodríguez, I.;   Sabater, J.;   Serna, C.J.;   Serrano, A.;   Torres, J.C.;   Urruchi, V.;   Vazquez, C.;   Vergaz, R.;   Vázquez, C.;   de Frutos, J.

Publication Titles

1991: Optical studies of smectic C* displays
1992: Glass dispersed liquid crystals for electro-optical devices
1992: The Optical Properties of SSFLC Displays
1994: Modeling and characterization of ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
1995: Chevron structures in surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
1995: Light scattering spectral behavior of liquid crystal dispersions in silica glasses
1997: Dielectric properties of glass-dispersed liquid crystals
2001: Asymmetric switching of antiferroelectric liquid-crystal cells
2002: Electrical Model for Thresholdless Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
2002: Experimental Method to Obtain Non-Linear Equivalent Electric Circuits of Thresholdless Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
2002: Spectral Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal Devices
2004: Spectral Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal Devices
2006: Electrical Response of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells with Asymmetric Response
2006: Reconfigurable optical multiplexer based on liquid crystals for polymer
2007: Optoelectronic multiplexer for digital data processing based on liquid crystal pixels and optical fiber elements
2007: Temperature dependence of liquid crystal electrical response by impedance analysis
2008: Temporal electrical response of chiral smectic liquid crystal displays with V/W-shaped electrooptical characteristic


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