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Paul, S.

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Pau, S.;   Paul, Sharmistha;   Paul, Sukla;   Pauly, S.


Abraham, S.;   Adhikari, B.;   Bhattacharjee, B.;   Bhattacharjee, K.;   Brodzik, M.;   Chaudhury, B.;   Czupryñski, K.;   Dabrowski, R.;   Das, M.K.;   Das, S.;   Deniz, K. Usha;   Flewitt, A.J.;   Giri, S.K.;   Goubitz, K.;   Gupta, S.;   Jayaraman, N.;   Jha, B.;   Kumar, S.K.;   Majumdar, B.;   Mandal, P.;   Mandal, P.K.;   Milne, W.I.;   Mitra, M.;   Narayan, G.;   Nath, A.;   Paranjpe, S.K.;   Paul, R.;   Pradham, N.K.;   Pradhan, N.K.;   Prasad, S.K.;   Rao, D.S.S.;   Robertson, J.;   Sarkar, P.;   Sarkar, P.K.;   Schenik, H.;   Schenk, H.;   Seal, A.;   Stam, C.H.;   Zeminder, A.;   Zeminder, A.K.;   de Wit, M.

Publication Titles

1976: The structure of the mesophase of cholesteryl esters
1978: Structure of the smectic phase of 4'-[N-(p-Pentyloxycarbonyloxybenzylidene)amino]valerophenone
1978: The structure of cholesteryl propionate in mesomorphic state
1980: Refractive indexes and orientational order parameter of five liquid crystals in nematic phase
1981: Order parameter and the orientational distribution function for 4-cyanophenyl-4'-n-heptyl benzoate in the nematic phase
1983: X-ray diffraction studies on the mesophases of n-p-cyanobenzylidene-p-octyloxyaniline in magnetic field
1984: Estimation of order parameter of APAPA in nematic phase both from X-ray diffraction and refractice index measurements
1985: Studies on the mesophases of OOBPD by x-ray diffraction method
1985: X-ray studies on the mesogen 4'-n-pentyloxy-4-biphenylcarbonitrile (50CB) in the solid crystalline state
1986: Crystal and molecular structure of the nematogenic compound 4-cyanophenyl-4'-n-heptylbenzoate (CPHB)
1987: Nematic order of APAPA from x-ray diffraction and optical studies
1987: Optical birefringence and order parameter of three nematogens
1987: Orientational order parameters of (-)-2-methylbutyl p-(N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)amino)cinnamate in smectic B phase from x-ray diffraction measurements
1987: X-ray diffraction and optical studies of an oriented Schiff's base liquid crystal
1988: Anomalous density and refractive index variation of a nematic liquid crystal
1989: An x-ray study of cyanophenyl pyrimidines. Part I. Crystal structure of PCCPP
1989: Mesomorphic properties and molecular structure of four closely related compounds
1989: Optical birefringence studies on the mesophase of CBOOA
1989: Order paramaters of some homolog cybotactic nematics from x-ray diffraction measurements
1990: Magnetic and optical properties of 50CB
1990: Molecular properties and order parameters of Schiff's base compounds
1990: X-Ray Studies of Cyanophenyl Pyrimidines Part II The Crystal and Molecular Structure of 5-(4-Ethylcyclohexyl)-2-(4-Cyanophenyl)Pyrimidine
1991: An x-ray study of cyanophenylpyrimidines. III. Crystal structure of 5-(trans-4-heptylcyclohexyl)-2-(4-cyanophenyl)pyrimidine
1991: Determination of orientational order parameter for optical studies for a homologous series of mesomorphic compounds
1992: Analysis of Atomic Displacement Parameters and Molecular Motions in Mesogenic Crystals
1992: Crystal and Molecular Structure of a Cybotactic Nematic Compound bis(4'-n-Butoxybenzal-Chloro-1,4-Phenylinediamine
1992: Order Disorder Phenomena from X-Ray Diffraction Study of Monoliquid Crystals
1992: Partial Atomic Charges and Dipole Moments of Four Mesogens
1992: X-ray diffraction and optical studies of three mesogens of a homologous series of alkylcyclohexylcyanophenylpyrimidine
1993: Orientational ordering of a nematogen from x-ray diffraction studies
1994: Structures and properties of an alkenyl liquid crystalline compound
1995: Small angle x-ray scattering studies on smectic and nematic phases of a toluidine compound
1995: X-ray diffraction studies on solid and mesomorphic phases of four members of alkoxycyanobiphenyls
1995: X-ray structural analysis of a mesogenic compound N,N'-bis-(p-butoxybenzylidene)-α,α'-bi-p-toluidine
1996: 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
1996: Determination of molecular properties of some polar mesogenic compounds
1996: Structural analysis by x-ray diffraction of a non-polar alkenyl liquid crystalline compound
1997: Small Angle X-Ray Diffraction Study of Mesomorphic Mixtures of 7CBB and 7OCB
1997: Study of a Liquid Crystalline Mixture Showing Re-Entrant Nematic Phase
1998: Small angle x-ray diffraction study of mixtures showing re-entrant nematic phase and induced smectic Ad phase
1999: Refractive index, density and order parameter of two binary mixtures showing reentrant nematic phase
1999: Small angle X-ray diffraction studies on the homologous series of mesogenic 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzenes
1999: Study of dielectric anisotropy of an ester/biphenyl mixture exhibiting an induced smectic phase
1999: Temperature variation of transverse correlation length in the smectic C and nematic phases of a liquid crystal from X-ray and neutron diffraction studies
2001: Anisotropic atomic displacement parameters and molecular motions in mesogenic crystals
2005: Instability measurements in amorphous hydrogenated silicon using capacitance-voltage techniques
2005: Observation of a Chiral Smectic Phase in Azobenzene-Linked Bolaamphiphiles Containing Free Sugars


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