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Patel, Prem

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Patel, P.


Chen, Li;   Cull, Brian;   Keast, S. Sabol;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Mang, Joseph T.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Rieker, T.P.;   Shi, Yushan;   Shin, S.-T.;   Surendranath, V.;   Ukleja, Paul

Publication Titles

1992: Critical behavior at the nematic to smectic -A phase transition in a side-chain polymer liquid crystal
1992: High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Study of Systems Reported to Have (the Nonexistent) Incommensurate Smectic-A Phases
1992: Incommensurate Smectic Phases?
1992: Nematic to Smectic-A Phase Transition in a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer: A Sans and High-Resolution X-Ray Scattering Study
1992: Nonexistence of incommensurate smectic-A phases in binary mixtures of 8OBCAB and DB8OCN
1993: Phase diagram of a frustrated smectic liquid-crystal system and the absence of the incommensurate smectic -Ai2 phase
1993: Recent advances in frustrated smectic liquid crystals
1994: The case of missing incommensurate smectic A phases
1995: True incommensurate phase in mixtures of two polar liquid crystalline materials


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