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Patel, J.S.

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Patel, Jay S.;   Patel, Jayantilal S.;   Patel, Jayantilal Shamjibhai


Andreadakis, N.;   Barad, Y.;   Berreman, D.W.;   Campbell, A.L.;   Cava, R.J.;   Chin, E.;   Cladis, P.E.;   Cohen, G.B.;   Cohen, Gil;   Collen, K.R.;   Filas, Robert W.;   Finn, P.L.;   Geary, J.M.;   Glass, A.M.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Huse, David A.;   Joseph, Kathy;   Kim, Jae-Hoon;   Kim, Young-Jin;   Kmetz, A.R.;   Langner, M.;   Leaird, D.E.;   Lee, S.-D.;   Lee, Sin-Doo;   Leslie, T.M.;   Lin, Chinlon;   Loubser, C.;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Moritake, Hiroshi;   Myojin, Katsumori;   Nelson, T.J.;   Ngo, P.D.T.;   Olson, D.H.;   Ozaki, Masanori;   Park, Seong-Sik;   Pertuis, Vincent;   Pindak, R.;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Rastani, K.;   Rietman, E.A.;   Saifi, M.A.;   Silberberg, Y.;   Singer, D.;   Slaney, A.J.;   Srajer, G.;   Stein, S.M.;   Styring, P.;   Suh, S.W.;   Suh, Seong-Woo;   Uto, Sadahito;   Vuijk, J.D.;   Waugh, M.A.;   Weiner, A.M.;   Wessels, P.L.;   Wullert, J.R.;   Yelin, D.;   Yokoyama, Hiroshi;   Yoshino, Katsumi;   Zhuang, Zhizhong;   van Saarloos, Wim

Publication Titles

1984: A reliable method of alignment for smectic liquid crystals
1984: Ferroelectric switching in the tilted smectic phases of R-(-)-4-n-hexyloxybenzylidene 4'-amino(2-chloropropyl)cinnamate (HOBACPC)
1985: Room-temperature switching behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystals in thin cells
1986: Alignment of liquid crystals which exhibit cholesteric to smectic-C* phase transitions
1986: Audio frequency dielectric response of the liquid-crystal CE8 in chiral and racemic forms
1986: Ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
1986: Helical twist sense and spontaneous polarization direction in ferroelectric smectic liquid crystals. 1
1986: Properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1986: Pyroelectric detection with smectic liquid crystals
1987: Chemically induced high-tilt surfaces for liquid crystals
1987: Contributions of the molecular species to the magnitude of the spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: Electro-optics of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: Flexoelectric electrooptics of a cholesteric liquid crystal
1987: Liquid-crystalline derivatives of S-3,7-dimethyloctan-1-ol
1987: Observation of polarization sign inversion in ferroelectric liquid crystals produced by doping SC liquid crystals
1987: Properties and applications of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: Rotational damping and the spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: The dependence of the magnitude of the spontaneous polarization on the cell thickness in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: The ferroelectric and liquid-crystalline properties of some chiral alkyl 4-n-alkanoyloxybiphenyl-4'-carboxylates
1987: The magnitude of the spontaneous polarization in two ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: The mechanism of polymer alignment of liquid-crystal materials
1987: Thin-cell dielectric response of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1988: Molecular correlations in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1988: Row-backlight, column-shutter display concept
1988: Temperature and pulse shape dependence of the switching behavior in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1988: The liquid-crystalline properties of some chiral derivatives of the 4-n-alkanoyloxybiphenyl-4'-carboxylic acids
1989: A new molecular ordering in helical liquid crystals
1989: Characterization of a new helical smectic liquid crystal
1989: Dynamical test of phase transition order
1989: Electric field effect on the chiral smectic C*-A* phase transition
1989: Electric-field-induced layer reorientation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1989: Eutectic mixtures of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1989: Fast linear electro-optic effect based on cholesteric liquid crystals
1989: Nonlinear behavior of the field-induced molecular tilt near the smectic A-C* transition
1989: Temperature and field dependence of the switching behavior of induced molecular tilt near the smectic A-C* transition
1990: Effect of flexoelectric coupling on helix distortions in cholesteric liquid crystals
1990: Electrically tunable optical filter for infrared wavelength using liquid crystals in a Fabry-Perot etalon
1990: Extrinsic symmetry-breaking effect on electro-optics of liquid crystals
1990: Liquid crystals for optical modulation
1990: Programmable femtosecond pulse shaping by use of a multielement liquid-crystal phase modulator
1990: Structural measurements on the liquid-crystal analog of the Abrikosov phase
1990: Surface effect on the field-induced structural change near the isotropic-cholesteric transition
1990: Symmetry-breaking effect of interfacial interactions on electrooptical properties of liquid crystals
1991: Anomalous electroclinic effect associated with molecular conformation distributions in chiral smectic-A liquid crystals
1991: Anticrossing of polarization modes in liquid-crystal etalons
1991: Critical behavior of the field-induced molecular tilt near the nematic-chiral-smectic-A transition
1991: Effect of dynamic conformation distributions on molecular tilt in chiral smectic liquid crystals
1991: Electrically controlled polarization-independent liquid-crystal Fresnel lens arrays
1991: Electrically tunable and polarization insensitive Fabry–Perot étalon with a liquid-crystal film
1991: Nature of smectic ordering at a solid-liquid-crystal interface and its influence on layer growth
1991: Nature of the surface-induced order above the direct isotropic to chiral-smectic-A transition
1991: Polarization insensitive tunable liquid-crystal etalon filter
1991: Switching Characteristics of a Field-Induced Structure Near the Isotropic-Cholesteric Transition
1992: Electrically tunable ferroelectric liquid-crystal Fabry-Perot filter
1992: Electrooptic switch using a liquid crystal Fabry-Perot filter
1992: Ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator using twisted smectic structure
1992: Frequency locking of a tunable liquid-crystal filter
1992: Observation of Continuous Anchoring Transition of Nematic Liquid Crystals at Surfaces
1992: Unusual switching behavior of new ferroelectric liquid crystals
1992: Variable Transmission Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Modulator Using Twisted Smectic Structure
1993: Continuous anchoring transition in liquid crystals
1993: Inversion phenomena in chiral liquid crystals
1993: Liquid crystals: materials for displays
1993: Optical observations of layer ordering in helical smectic A* liquid crystals
1993: Surface ordering and its influence on electro-optic properties of chiral smectic compounds
1993: The anomaly in layer ordering and electro-optic properties of smectic A liquid crystals
1993: Twisted smectic structure for gray scale modulator
1994: 20th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
1994: Possibility of twist-grain-boundary structure in nonchiral liquid crystals
1994: Sign inversion of induced molecular tilt in chiral smectic A liquid crystals
1995: Continuous ferroelectric switching in twisted smectic C* liquid crystals
1995: Field-induced second-harmonic generation in cholesteric liquid crystal
1995: Search for optical biaxiality in discotic liquid crystals
1996: Continuous electro-optic effect in twisted structures of achiral smectic C liquid crystals
1996: Inverse twisted nematic liquid-crystal device
1997: Liquid crystal devices and devices for liquid crystal research
1997: Liquid crystals for optical communication devices
1997: Precise determination of the cholesteric pitch of a chiral liquid crystal in a circularly aligned configuration
1998: A new twist in twisted nematic liquid crystals : Propagation and optimization of Stokes parameters for arbitrary twisted nematic liquid crystals
1998: Ferroelectricity in liquid crystals and its applications
1998: Reflective homeotropic mode in a twisted nematic liquid crystal
1999: Behavior of cholesteric liquid crystals in a Fabry-Perot cavity
1999: Bistable twisted nematic liquid-crystal optical switch
1999: Depth-resolved imaging of nematic liquid crystals by third-harmonic microscopy
1999: Optimized configuration for reflective bistable twisted nematic displays
1999: Phase-matched third-harmonic generation in a nematic liquid crystal cell
1999: Role of the cholesteric phase in the formation of twisted smectic structures
2000: Achromatic linear polarization rotator using twisted nematic liquid crystals
2000: Behavior of the Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Cavity in the Bragg Reflection Band
2000: Defect in the circular-circularly rubbed liquid crystal cell with off-center alignment
2000: Electrically controllable azimuth optical rotator


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