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Pastur, L.

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Pastur, Luc


Arecchi, F.T.;   Boccaletti, S.;   Bortolozzo, U.;   Dressel, B.;   Gostiaux, L.;   Henriot, M.;   Joets, A.;   Kozyreff, G.;   Pesch, W.;   Plaut, E.;   Ramazza, P.;   Ramazza, P.L.;   Ribotta, R.;   Tlidi, M.

Publication Titles

1998: Spatio-temporal patterns in the thermo-convection of a planar nematic layer: II. Experiments
2001: Transition to Spatiotemporal Chaos in the Fronts Dynamics of a Subcritical State
2002: Competition of Periodic and Homogeneous Modes in Extended Dynamical Systems
2003: Space-Time Chaos Characterization in a Non-linear Optical Feedback Loop
2004: Bistability between Different Localized Structures in Nonlinear Optics
2004: Detecting local synchronization in coupled chaotic systems
2004: Experimental Targeting and Control of Spatiotemporal Chaos in Nonlinear Optics
2004: Transition to space-time chaos in an optical loop with translational transport


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