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Pasini, P.

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Pasini, Paolo


Bellini, T.;   Berggren, E.;   Biscarini, F.;   Buscaglia, M.;   Chiccoli, C.;   Emerson, A.;   Feruli, I.;   Gouripeddi, S.P.;   Guzzetti, S.;   Lansac, Y.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Mantegazza, F.;   Murthy, K.P.N.;   Rotunno, M.;   Sarlah, A.;   Sastry, V.S.S.;   Semeria, F.;   Shiyanovskii, S.V.;   Skacej, G.;   Stelzer, J.;   Zannoni, Claudio;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1984: Orientational correlation functions in ordered fluids. The short time expansion
1987: A Monte Carlo simulation of the inhomogeneous Lebwohl-Lasher lattice model
1988: A Monte Carlo investigation of the planar Lebwohl-Lasher lattice model
1990: A computer simulation of nematic droplets with radial boundary conditions
1991: Head-tail asymmetry and ferroelectricity in uniaxial liquid crystals. Model calculations
1991: Simple model of ferroelectricity in liquid crystals
1992: A Monte Carlo Study of Applied Field Effects on the Molecular Organization in PDLC Droplets
1992: A Monte Carlo Study of Gay-Berne Droplets
1992: Monte Carlo Simulation of Biaxial and Uniaxial Mesophases Formed of Biaxial Molecules
1992: Monte Carlo study of the molecular organization in model nematic droplets. Field effects
1994: Computer simulations of nematic droplets with bipolar boundary conditions
1994: Monte Carlo study of the effect of an applied field on the molecular organization of polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal droplets
1995: Phase Diagram and Orientational Order in a Biaxial Lattice Model: A Monte Carlo Study
1996: Computer simulations of cylindrically confined nematics
1996: Lattice spin models of liquid crystals in aerogels
1996: Monte Carlo study of liquid-crystal ordering in the independent-pore model of aerogels
1997: Monte Carlo Simulations of Stable Point Defects in Hybrid Nematic Films
1999: Hybridly aligned liquid crystal films. A Monte Carlo study of molecular organization and thermodynamics
1999: NMR spectra from Monte Carlo simulations of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2000: Computer simulations of nematic ordering with random disorder
2000: Dynamical and field effects in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: Monte Carlo simulations of NMR spectra
2000: Liquid crystal lattice models I. Bulk systems
2000: Liquid crystal lattice models II. Confined systems
2000: Nematics with Quenched Disorder: What Is Left when Long Range Order Is Disrupted?
2001: Computer simulations of nematic displays
2001: Effect of Surface Orientation on Director Configurations in a Nematic Droplet. A Monte Carlo Simulation
2002: External Field-Induced Switching in Nematics with Dispersed Polymer Networks: A Monte Carlo Study
2002: Nematics with Quenched Disorder: How Long Will It Take to Heal?
2002: Topological defects in schlieren textures of biaxial and uniaxial nematics
2003: Nematics with dispersed polymer fibrils: A Monte Carlo study of the external-field-induced switching
2003: Simulations of topological defects in nematic liquid crystal films
2003: Structures and transitions in thin hybrid nematic films: A Monte Carlo study
2005: A microscopic lattice model for liquid crystal elastomers
2005: Nematics with Quenched Disorder: Pinning out the Origin of Memory
2005: The Effect of Varying Surface Orientation on the Molecular Organization of Nematic Films. A Monte Carlo Simulation
2009: Hybrid Nematic Films: A Detailed Monte Carlo Investigation


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