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Park, S.

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Park, C.;   Park, Samdae;   Park, Sangdo;   Park, Seungchul;   Park, Subok;   Park, Sung


Basturk, N.;   Birgeneau, R.J.;   Clegg, P.S.;   Cooper, M.;   Gallani, J.-L.;   Garland, C.W.;   Gernez, C.;   Gobrecht, J.;   Grupp, J.;   Iannacchione, G.S.;   Kim, M.-G.;   Leheny, R.L.;   Letcher, S.V.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Padeste, C.;   Scharf, T.;   Schift, H.;   Shlayen, A.

Publication Titles

1976: Shear viscosity measurements in CBOOA
2003: High-resolution x-ray study of the nematic-smectic-A and smectic-A-smectic-C transitions in liquid-crystal-aerosil gels
2003: Nanostructures and frustrated symmetries for LC surface alignment
2003: Smectic ordering in liquid-crystal-aerosil dispersions. I. X-ray scattering
2005: Chemical Nanopatterns via Nanoimprint Lithography for Simultaneous Control over Azimuthal and Polar Alignment of Liquid Crystals
2005: Liquid crystal alignment on chemical nanopatterns


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