Index Name

Park, J.-B.

Alternative Writings

Park, J.B.;   Park, J.b.


Cho, B.S.;   Chung, K.-H.;   Hong, S.J.;   Hwang, J.-Y.;   Jeong, C.O.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Ko, Y.K.;   Lee, J.G.;   Lee, S.;   Nam, S.-H.;   Seo, D.-S.;   Yang, H.J.

Publication Titles

2002: EO Performance of the Photoaligned VA-1/4 p Cell on a Homeotropic Photopolymer Surface
2003: Enhanced adhesion and performance of the source/drain electrode using a single-layered Ag(Cu) film for an amorphous silicon thin-film transistor

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