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Ozin, Geoffrey A.

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Ozin, G.A.


Asefa, Tewodros;   Choi, Sung Yeun;   Chopra, Naveen;   Coombs, Neil;   Dag, Ömer;   Hatton, Benjamin;   Henderson, Grant S.;   Hunks, William J.;   Jiang, Tong;   Khushalani, Deepa;   Kresge, Charles T.;   Kuperman, Alex;   Landskron, Kai;   Lough, Alan;   MacLachlan, Mark J.;   Mamak, Marc;   Mann, Stephen;   Oliver, Scott;   Oliver, Scott R.J.;   Perovic, Douglas;   Samarskaya, Olga;   Shen, Guo Cheng;   Sokolov, Igor;   Speakman, Scott;   Varaksa, Natalia;   Verma, Atul;   Whitnall, Wesley;   Yang, Hong;   Yoshina-Ishii, Chiaki

Publication Titles

1995: Lamellar aluminophosphates with surface patterns that mimic diatom and radiolarian microskeletons
1996: Calcitropic Nonionic Surfactant Lamellar Phases
1996: Free-standing and oriented mesoporous silica films grown at the air-water interface
1996: Synthesis of inorganic materials with complex form
1997: Beyond the hemicylindrical micellar monolayer on graphite. AFM evidence for a lyotropic liquid crystal film
1997: Blueprints for inorganic materials with natural form: inorganic liquid crystals and a language of inorganic shape
1997: Morphogenesis of Biomineral and Morphosynthesis of Biomimetic Forms
1997: Shell mimetics
1997: Tin(IV) sulfide-alkylamine composite mesophase: a new class of thermotropic liquid crystals
1998: Phosphate liquid crystals: novel supramolecular template for the synthesis of lamellar aluminophosphates with natural form
1998: The role of defects in the formation of mesoporous silica fibers, films and curved shapes
1998: Thickness control and defects in oriented mesoporous silica films
1998: Tin sulfide mesh. AFM imaging of lamellae and mesopores
1999: Glycometallate surfactants Part 2: non-aqueous synthesis of mesoporous titanium, zirconium and niobium oxides
1999: Glycometallate surfactants. Part 1: non-aqueous synthesis of mesoporous silica
1999: Radial patterns in mesoporous silica
1999: Salt-liquid crystal templating of lithium triflate-oligo(ethylene oxide) surfactant-mesoporous silica nanocomposite films and monoliths
2000: New nanocomposites: putting organic function "inside" the channel walls of periodic mesoporous silica
2003: The synthesis of mesostructured silica films and monoliths functionalized by noble metal nanoparticles
2004: Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas with Phenylene Bridging Groups, 1,4-(CH2)nC6H4 (n = 0-2)
2005: Evolution of Nanocrystallinity in Periodic Mesoporous Anatase Thin Films
2005: Past, Present, and Future of Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas-The PMOs


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