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Ozawa, M.

Similar Names

Ozawa, Mamoru;   Ozawa, Masahiko;   Ozawa, Masaru;   Ozawa, Masashi


Kagawa, S.;   Kaneko, H.;   Kimura, I.;   Müller, U.;   Okuyama, K.;   Shimomura, M.;   Sugiura, H.;   Takamori, T.;   Tanizoe, H.;   Xu, G.

Publication Titles

1992: Flow and temperature measurement of natural convection in a Hele-Shaw cell using a thermo-sensitive liquid-crystal tracer
1993: The Odd-Even Effect on Bilayer Structures of CnAzoCmN Br-
2004: Wide-color-gamut monitors: LED-backlighting LCD and new phosphor CRT

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