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Ovchinnikov, I.V.

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Ovchinnikov, Igor V.


Antipin, M.Yu.;   Atanassopoulo, M.;   Bikchantaev, I.G.;   Binnemans, K.;   Bolotin, B.M.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Budnikov, G.K.;   Domracheva, N.E.;   Etingen, N.B.;   Galimov, R.M.;   Galyametdinov, Yu.G.;   Garieva, F.R.;   Gerr, R.G.;   Goncharov, V.A.;   Gulyametdinov, Yu.G.;   Haaze, V.;   Ivanova, G.I.;   Kadkin, O.N.;   Kashirin, N.V.;   Khaaze, V.;   Kharitonova, O.A.;   Konstantinov, V.N.;   Kostantinov, V.N.;   Krizar, K.;   Luchkina, S.A.;   Manapov, R.A.;   Polishchuk, A.N.;   Polishchuk, A.P.;   Prosvirin, A.V.;   Skirda, V.D.;   Struchkov, Yu.T.;   Timofeeva, T.B.;   Timofeeva, T.V.;   Timoleeva, T.V.;   Tinchurina, L.M.;   Turanov, A.N.;   Turanova, O.A.;   Ulakhovich, N.A.;   Yagfarov, M.Sh.;   Yagfarova, L.M.;   Yagin, P.V.;   Yanovskii, A.I.;   Yudin, I.D.;   Zakieva, D.Z.;   Zuev, Yu.F.

Publication Titles

1975: EPR study of the orientation of copper and vanadyl acetylacetonate and diethyldithiocarbamate complexes in liquid crystal matrixes
1976: Angular dependence of EPR spectra of coppercomplexes in an oriented vitrified liquid crystal
1976: Features of EPR spectra in a partially ordered matrix
1976: Orientation of chromium(III) acetylacetonate in a vitrified liquid crystal
1977: Angular dependence of EPR spectra of tris(acetylacetonato) chromium(III) in an oriented liquid crystal
1982: Change in the orientational distribution of molecules in a chemical reaction in an anisotropic medium
1982: EPR study of the crystallization of a liquid crystal of 4-ethoxybenzylidene-4'-butylaniline in a temperature gradient field
1982: Orientation of an EBBA liquid crystal in a gradient temperature field
1982: Stereochemical rearrangement of complexes in liquid crystals
1984: Copper complexes with 4,4-dialkoxy-2-hydroxybenzalaniline as liquid crystal paramagnetic spin probes and 4,4-dialkoxy-2-hydroxybenzalanilines
1984: Liquid-crystal complexes of Schiff bases with copper
1984: Liquid-crystal complexes of copper with Schiff bases
1984: Liquid-crystal copper and vanadyl dioctylarsinates
1984: On the study of the dynamical behavior of dielectrics by thermal-noise correlation analysis
1984: Shape of the axially symmetric ESR spectra of orientationally ordered solid systems
1984: Synthesis of a liquid crystalline vanadyl complex with a Schiff base
1985: EPR of some low-spin d5 trischelate complexes of iron(III), ruthenium(III), and osmium(III) in a liquid-crystalline matrix
1985: Peculiarities occuring in liquid crystal-liquid crystal and liquid crystal-isotropic liquid transition processes
1985: Specific features of the manifestation of thermal effects in liquid crystals
1986: Correlation analysis of thermal noise as a method for studying dielectric relaxation
1986: Crystal structures of mesophase precursors. X-ray study and lattice-energy calculation of copper(II) bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N-(p-methoxyphenyl)benzaldimino-2-oleate] crystal
1986: EPR of low-spin trischelate complexes of ruthenium(III) with sulfur-containing ligands in a liquid-crystal matrix
1986: Liquid crystalline paramagnetic metal complex forming nematic mesophase
1987: Magnetic and structural properties of copper complexes with Schiff bases - compounds which form mesophases
1987: Molecular structure and structural organization of the phase states of mesogenic complexes of the homologous series copper(II)-N-(4-alkoxyphenyl)-4-heptyloxysalicylaliminates from EPR data
1987: Structure and properties of different phase states of a mesogenic copper Schiff-base complex as studied by EPR
1988: Effect of the geometry of the chelate bond on the existence of liquid crystal properties in complexes of transition metals with Schiff bases
1988: Structure and properties of the smectic phase of a mesogenic complex of copper with a Schiff base
1988: Structure of crystal phases antecedent to mesophases. X-ray study and energy calculation of the crystal copper(II) bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N-(p-fluorophenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate]
1989: Classification of the smectic phases of paramagnetic metal complexes by ESR spectra
1989: Paramagnetic liquid-crystal metal complexes
1989: Paramagnetic liquid-crystalline iron(III) complex with a Schiff base
1989: Structure of crystalline mesogens. X-ray structural investigation and calculation of the energy of molecular interaction of bis[N-4-(4'-nonyloxybenzoato)phenylbenzaldimin-2-olato)]copper(2+) crystal
1989: Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of copper(II) bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N-arylbenzaldimin-2-olates]
1989: The determination of the structure organization of smectic-phase states of a Schiff base copper complex from ESR data
1989: The structure of crystal mesogens. X-ray diffraction study and energy calculation of the intermolecular interaction in the copper(2+) bis[4-heptyloxy-N-(4'-cyanophenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate] crystal
1990: Paramagnetic liquid-crystal metal complexes
1990: Structure of crystalline mesogenes. Crystal structure of copper(II) bis[4-(n-heptyloxy)-N-(4'-nitrophenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate]
1990: Structure of crystalline mesogenes. X-ray structural study and calculation of the energy of molecular interaction in a crystal of palladium(II) bis[4-(n-heptyloxy)-N-(4'-methoxyphenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate]
1990: Structure of crystalline mesogens. X-ray structural study and calculation of the intermolecular interaction in crystals of bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N(4'-methylphenyl)benzaldimino-2-olato]copper(2+)
1990: Synthesis and electrochemical reduction of liquid-crystalline copper(II) complexes with azomethines in DMF
1990: The first heteronuclear liquid-crystalline metal complex
1991: Crystal structure of mesogenes. An x-ray structural study of a smectic complex of copper(II) bis[4-(n-heptyloxy)-N-(4'-n-amyloxyphenyl)benzaldimin-2-olate]
1991: Liquid crystalline complexes of transition metals with a .beta.-aminovinyl ketone
1991: Liquid crystals from o-hydroxyazo complexes with copper(2+) and palladium(2+)
1991: Liquid-crystalline complexes of rare earth elements with Schiff bases
1991: Structure of crystalline mesogens. X-ray structural study of bis[N-(4-heptyloxysalicylidene)-4'-methoxyanilinate]cobalt and tris[N-(4-propoxysalicylidene)-4'-heptyloxyanilinato)cobalt crystals
1992: Structure of crystalline mesogens . Crystal structure of 1,1'-bis(4'-propoxybenzoyl-4"-methylenephenoxyazinomethyl)ferrocene
1992: Synthesis of liquid crystal ferrocene derivatives and their complexes with copper(2+)
1993: Synthesis of liquid-crystal paramagnetic complex of copper with aminovinylketone and study of the structure of its single crystal and mesophase
1994: Liquid-crystalline complexes of some lanthanides with nonmesogenic -aminovinyl ketone
1994: Magnetic properties and structural features of a liquid-crystal Fe(III) complex
1995: EPR of low-spin spin-equilibrium iron(III) complexes in mesomorphic matrix
1995: Mesogenic terbium(III) complex with record magnetic anisotropy
1995: Metallomesogen with large magnetic anisotropy
1996: Local ordering of dipole moments in mesophase of iron complex
1996: Synthesis and magnetooptical properties of liquid crystal lanthanide complexes with .beta.-aminovinylketones
1997: Possible spin-Peierls transition in the crystalline phase of an iron metallic liquid crystal
1999: Magnetic anisotropy of liquid crystals based on lanthanide mesogenic complexes
1999: Synthesis and mesogenic properties of azomethine complexes of lanthanides with alkyl sulfate anions
2000: Specific features of the pretransition state of n-(p-ethoxybenzilidene)-p'-n-butylaniline nematic studied by the self-diffusion of molecules in isotropic phase
2001: Synthesis and liquid - crystalline properties of substituted {\f1 b} -aminovinyl ketones and their complexes with copper(II)
2002: Iron-Containing Mesogen as a First Liquid-Crystalline Ferroelectromagnetic
2005: Liquid-Crystalline and Orientation Properties of Lanthanide Complexes with {\f1 b}-Enaminoketone


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