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Otnes, K.

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Otnes, Kaare


Bjerrum Møller, H.;   Chiedowska, K.;   Chledowska, K.;   Chrusciel, D.;   Chrusciel, J.;   Czarniecki, K.;   Dabrowski, R.;   Jaich, A.;   Janik, B.;   Janik, J.A.;   Janik, J.M.;   Kohli, M.;   Krawczyk, J.;   Kresse, H.;   Mouritsen, O.G.;   Natkaniec, I.;   Nguyen, X.P.;   Podsiadly, R.;   Pynn, R.;   Rachwalska, M.;   Ramasseul, R.;   Riste, T.;   Rosciszewski, K.;   Stanek, T.;   Stettin, H.;   Urban, S.;   Volino, F.;   Wróbel, S.;   Zajac, W.;   Zhang, Z.;   Zuckermann, M.J.

Publication Titles

1971: Anisotropy of self-diffusion in a liquid crystal studied by neutron quasielastic scattering
1972: Coherent neutron scattering by a nematic liquid crystal
1972: Temperature dependence of the self-diffusion tensor of para-azoxyanisole
1974: Stochastic proton jumps in nematic MBBA [p-methoxybenzylidene-p'-butylaniline] studied by neutron scattering
1975: Estimation of rotational correlation times for PAA and MBBA by the dielectric relaxation and the neutron quasielastic scattering methods
1975: Neutron scattering study of transitions to convection and turbulence in nematic p-azoxyanisole (PAA)
1976: Investigation of nematic order by coherent neutron scattering
1977: Quasielastic neutron scattering study of fast reorientations in nematic p-azoxyanisole
1979: Critical studies of molecular reorientation in oriented PAA with various kinds of deuteration
1980: End-chain and body reorientational motions in liquid crystalline dimethoxyazoxybenzene and diheptyloxyazoxybenzene
1980: Observation by Neutron Correlation Spectroscopy of a Nonlinear Soft Mode at the Rayleigh-Bénard Instability in Para-Azoxyanisole
1981: Temperature dependence of the threshold gradient for convection in nematic p-azoxyanisole
1982: Investigation of fluctuations and oscillatory states in Rayleigh-Benard systems by neutron scattering
1982: Quasielastic neutron scattering study of reorienting di-heptyloxyazoxybenzene (HOAB) molecules in the nematic and smectic C phases
1983: Calorimetric, nuclear magnetic resonance, and quasi-elastic neutron scattering studies of the Aerosol OT-heavy water system
1983: Neutron scattering study of convection in a double-diffusive system
1983: Oscillatory and steady convection in a nematic liquid crystal
1984: Convective instabilities in liquid crystals observed by neutron scattering
1984: Neutron scattering by a liquid crystal substance with a "cubic" phase
1984: Neutron scattering by nematic d0 and d10-diethoxyazoxybenzene and d0 and d14-dipropyloxyazoxybenzene
1985: Neutron scattering from a convecting nematic: multicriticality, multistability and chaos
1986: A quasielastic neutron scattering study of molecular reorientation in the nematic phases of PAP and POAB
1986: Molecular reorientation in the nematic and rotatory phases of 4,4'-di-n-pentyloxyazoxybenzene
1988: A neutron scattering study of dimerization and pairing of molecules in liquid crystal mixtures
1988: Dielectric relaxation and quasielastic neutron scattering study of molecular reorientation in the nematic and solid phases of 4,4'-di-n-butoxyazoxybenzene
1989: Internal and external motions in mesogenic molecules. Even-odd effect in neutron scattering for the homologous series of dimethoxyazoxybenzene
1989: Neutron scattering by liquid crystals. A new analysis
1990: Slow Dynamics in a Convecting Nematic: A Neutron Scattering Study
1991: Odd-even alternation of freedom of alkyl chain molecular motions in nematic and isotropic liquids as observed by the neutron incoherent scattering
1992: An experimental study of fractional Brownian motion
1992: Orientational Fluctuations in a Nematic Liquid Crystal, as Seen by Neutron Scattering
1992: Quasielelastic Scattering of Neutrons by a Liquid Crystal Substance with Fleixble Molecules
1993: Fractional Brownian motion of director fluctuations in nematic ordering
1993: Orientational fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal as seen by neutron scattering
1993: Quasielastic scattering of neutrons by a liquid crystal substance with flexible molecules
1994: Evidence of fast reorientational motions of alkoxy terminals in the nematic phase of diethoxyazoxybenzene


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