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Otmakhova, Olga A.

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Otmakhova, O.A.


Finkelmann, Heino;   Koval, Marina A.;   Kovalchuk, Anatolii V.;   Kuptsov, Sergei A.;   Patten, Timothy E.;   Platé, Nicolai A.;   Savenkov, Gennadii N.;   Talroze, Raisa V.;   Vasilets, Victor N.;   Yuranova, Tat'yana I.;   Zubarev, Evgenii R.

Publication Titles

1997: Regularities of .gamma.-ray-induced polymerization for two mesogen -containing acrylic monomers
2000: Acrylate based polymers and networks containing triphenylene groups: synthesis and structures
2003: Preparation of Discotic Liquid Crystal/Amorphous Block Copolymers and Evidence for Microphase Separated Amorphous/LC Structure

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