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Ostrovskii, Boris I.

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Ostrovski, B.I.;   Ostrovskii, B.;   Ostrovskii, B.I.;   Ostrovskii, Boris;   Ostrovskii, L.A.;   Ostrovskii, V.E.;   Ostrovskii, V.S.;   Ostrovskiy, B.I.;   Ostrovskjj, B.I.;   Ostrovsky, B.I.


Dolbnya, Igor P.;   Fera, Andrea;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Grübel, Gerhard;   Kaganer, Vladimir M.;   Komp, Ansgar;   Konovalov, Oleg;   Lambooy, Peter;   Lambreva, Denitza M.;   Lobko, Tatiana A.;   Madsen, Anders;   Muller, Harm Geert;   Obraztsov, Evgeny P.;   Petrov, Vladimir F.;   Samoilenko, Ivan;   Sentenac, Daniel;   Shalaginov, Arcadi N.;   Sikharulidze, Irakli;   de Jeu, Wim H.

Publication Titles

1991: X-ray scattering in smectic liquid crystals: from ideal- to real-structure effects
1992: Direct Observation of Logarithmic Divergence of Smectic Layer Fluctuations with Sample Size
1999: Layer-by-layer crystallization and the role of fluctuations in free standing smectic films
1999: Packing and molecular conformation, and their relationship with LC phase behavior
2000: Complex Dynamic Behavior of Fluctuating Smectic- A Films as Studied by Scattering with Coherent X-Rays
2002: Molecular Packing of Two Liquid Crystalline Alkenyl Derivatives
2002: Smectic Membranes in Motion: Approaching the Fast Limits of X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
2003: Structure and fluctuations of smectic membranes
2003: Two-Stage surface freezing of a single top layer in a smectic-A membrane
2004: Disorder by Random Crosslinking in Smectic Elastomers
2009: Order, disorder and stretching of a smectic elastomer with 'side-on' mesogenic side groups


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