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Oriol, L.

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Oriol, Luis


Alcala, R.;   Alcalá, R.;   Almuzara, C.;   Alonso, P.J.;   Barbera, J.;   Barberi, R.;   Bartolino, R.;   Cano, M.;   Carod, E.;   Cases, R.;   Cerrada, P.;   Chanishvili, A.;   Chilaya, G.;   Cipparrone, G.;   Davidson, P.;   Diaz Calleja, R.;   Diaz-Calleja, R.;   Forcén, P.;   Galan, J.C.;   Guerra, S. Munoz;   Hvilsted, S.;   Iribarren, I.;   Jankova, K.;   Loos, J.;   López González, J.J.;   López, A.;   Marcos, M.;   Martinez, B.;   Martinez, C.;   Martinez, J.I.;   Martínez, C.;   Martínez, J.;   Mazzulla, A.;   Millaruelo, M.;   Otím, D.;   Partal Ureña, F.;   Petriashvili, G.;   Pinol, M.;   Piñol, M.;   Poelsma, S.;   Puertolas, J.A.;   Puértolas, J.A.;   Quintanilla, M.;   Rodriguez, J.L.;   Rodríguez, F.J.;   Rodríguez-Martínez, F.J.;   Sanchez, C.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Sierra, T.;   Sáez, P.L.;   Sánchez, C.;   Tejedor, R.M.;   Villacampa, B.;   Viñuales, A.

Publication Titles

1990: Metal-containing homopolymers showing paramagnetic nematic mesophase
1992: Hydroxy-functionalized liquid-crystalline polyazomethines. I. Synthesis, characterization and structure-mesogenic behavior relationship
1992: X-Ray, EPR and Magnetic Characterization of a Nematic Copper-Containing Homopolymer
1993: Synthesis and characterization of two isomeric liquid crystal series with reactive double bonds
1993: X-ray and magnetic characterization of a nematic polyester based on a metallomesogenic copper(II) moiety
1994: Dielectric and mechanical behavior of a copper (II) metallomesogenic homopolymer
1994: Structural Studies of Copper(II)-Chelated Polymers Derived from Hydroxy-Functionalized Liquid Crystalline Homo- and Copolyazomethines
1995: Thermal, mechanical and dielectric studies of a metallomesogenic polyester
1996: Alternative synthetic strategies for Schiff base derived liquid crystal polymers: a comparative study
1996: Mechanical Properties and Characterization of the Crystalline Structure in Annealed Thermotropic Poly(azomethines)
1996: Metallomesogenic polymers derived from salicylaldimine complexes
1997: Influence of the Metal Crosslinking on the Dielectric, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of a Liquid Crystalline Polyazomethine
1997: The state of the art in metallomesogenic polymers
1998: Anisotropic crosslinked materials obtained by in-situ photopolymerization of reactive mesogens
1999: Influence of Hydroxy Functionalization and Metal Cross-Linking on Fiber Properties of Liquid-Crystalline Polyazomethines
1999: Mesomorphic and Orientational Study of Materials Processed by In Situ Photopolymerization of Reactive Liquid Crystals
1999: Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of a side chain liquid crystalline polyacrylate and copper(II) crosslinked derivatives
1999: Photopolymerization of Reactive Mesogenic Schiff Bases and Related Metallomesogens
2000: Photoluminescence stability of a cyanoterphenyl chromophore in liquid crystalline polymeric systems
2000: Polarized photoluminescence and order parameters of "in situ" photopolymerized liquid crystal films
2000: Synthesis and characterization of reactive liquid crystalline Schiff bases, Rh(I) complexes, and their derived polymers
2001: Biphotonic holographic recording in a liquid crystalline cyanoazobenzene side-chain polymethacrylate. Polarization, intensity, and relief gratings
2002: Emissive Anisotropic Polymeric Materials Derived from Reactive Liquid Crystalline Fluorenes
2002: Nonlinear Optical Properties of Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Films
2002: Supramolecular H-Bonded Columnar Polymers
2004: Emissive Anisotropic Polymeric Materials derived from Liquid Crystalline Fluorenes
2004: Lasing in Dye-Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Two New Tuning Strategies
2004: Non-linear Optical Properties of Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Polymeric Films
2005: Surface relief gratings induced by a nanosecond pulse in a liquid-crystalline azo-polymethacrylate
2007: Photoinduced Chiral Nematic Organization in an Achiral Glassy Nematic Azopolymer
2007: Synthesis, characterization and photoinduction of optical anisotropy in liquid crystalline diblock azo-copolymers


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