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O'Neill, M.


Al Khalifah, Manea S.;   Aldred, Mathew P.;   Aldred, Matthew P.;   Bartle, Kevin;   Bruneau, Amaury;   Bryan-Brown, Guy P.;   Campbell, Neil;   Campbell, Neil L.;   Carrasco-Orozco, Miguel;   Contoret, Adam;   Contoret, Adam E.A.;   Dong, De-Wen;   Dröge, Stefan;   Duffy, Warren L.;   Duffy, Warren Lee;   Eastwood, Amanda J.;   Farrar, Simon;   Farrar, Simon R.;   Hall, Alan William;   He, Catherine Fang;   Hindmarsh, Paul;   Jackson, Peregrine O.;   Jackson, Peregrine Orr;   Jackson, Perregrin;   Karapinar, Ridvan;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Kelly, Stephen Malcolm;   Khan, Sultan;   Kirkman, Nicola T.;   Kitney, Stuart P.;   Lei, Chunghong;   Liedtke, Alicia;   Löbbert, Andreas;   Macdonald, J. Emyr;   Mansoor, Bassam;   Mathieson, Dean;   Mehl, Georg H.;   Minter, Vicki;   Minter, Vicky;   Newsome, Christopher J.;   Nicholls, Edward;   Nicholls, J. Edward;   Owen, Gareth J.;   Owen, Gareth James;   Piepenbrock, Marc-Oliver M.;   Richards, Gary;   Richards, Gary J.;   Richards, Gary James;   Simmonds, Henje S.;   Stirner, Tom;   Sultana, Nayer H.;   Thomas, Gareth I.;   Thomas, Huw E.;   Tsoi, W. Chung;   Tsoi, Wing C.;   Tuffin, Rachel P.;   Vlachos, Panagiotis;   Vlachos, Panos;   Wei, Pan;   Wertmoller, Anke;   Wild, Janine H.;   Woon, Kai L.

Publication Titles

1998: Electro-optical switching properties of a polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal device
1999: Alignment of coumarin-containing polymers for liquid crystal displays
1999: Photoinduced and grating alignment of polyimide using excimer lasers for liquid crystal displays
2000: Photoactive propane derivatives for preparing alignment layers for liquid-crystal display devices
2001: An Investigation of the Role of Cross-Linking and Photodegradation of Side-Chain Coumarin Polymers in the Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
2001: Electroluminescent nematic polymer networks with polarized emission
2001: Nematic thiophenes for STN-LCDS and flexoelectric LCDS
2002: Electron-transporting and photopolymerizable liquid crystals
2002: Nematic 2,5-disubstituted thiophenes
2002: The Photopolymerization and Cross-Linking of Electroluminescent Liquid Crystals Containing Methacrylate and Diene Photopolymerizable End Groups for Multilayer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
2004: Light-Emitting Fluorene Photoreactive Liquid Crystals for Organic Electroluminescence
2005: Charge-transport in crystalline organic semiconductors with liquid crystalline order
2005: Heterocyclic reactive mesogens: synthesis, characterisation and mesomorphic behaviour
2005: Synthesis and Investigation of Nematic Liquid Crystals with Flexoelectric Properties
2005: Synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of novel light-emitting liquid crystals
2006: Electronic Charge Transport in Extended Nematic Liquid Crystals
2006: Organic electroluminescence using polymer networks from smectic liquid crystals
2006: Synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of wedge-shaped nematic liquid crystals with flexoelectric properties
2007: Distributed Bilayer Photovoltaics Based on Nematic Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks
2007: Heterocyclic polycatenar liquid crystals
2007: Polycatenar oligophenylene liquid crystals
2007: Terminal end-group efficiency for the nematic phase using model bicyclo[2.2.2]octanes
2007: Triplets in extended nematic liquid crystals and polarons in their blends
2008: Calamatic liquid crystal blends for organic photovoltaics
2008: Dynamics of the size distribution of CdTe quantum dot ensembles during growth in liquid and crystalline phases
2008: Photopolymerization studies of a light-emitting liquid crystal with methacrylate reactive groups for electroluminescence
2008: White-Light OLEDs Using Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks
2009: A new approach to photoalignment: photo-addition to a self-assembled monolayer
2009: Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction of a Photoaligned Nematic Semiconductor


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WO 2000.037.453 (2000/06/29)

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