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Omenat, A.

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Omenat, Ana


Artal, M.C.;   Barbera, J.;   Barberá, J.;   Belmar, J.;   Durán, F.;   Ezcurra, A.;   Fletcher, I.D.;   Garcés, A.C.;   Guillon, D.;   Heinrich, B.;   Hikmet, R.A.M.;   Jayaraman, N.;   Lub, J.;   Marcos, M.;   Martin, R.;   Melendez, E.;   Munoz, C.;   Parra, M.;   Pastor, L.;   Perez, C.;   Ros, M.B.;   Ruiz-Melo, A.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Sierra, T.;   Stoddart, J.F.;   Zuniga, C.;   van der Sluis, P.

Publication Titles

1989: Liquid crystals with a new central core: 5,5'-dialkoxy-2,2'-pyridoins
1989: New chiral smectic liquid crystals with the asymmetrical carbon in the central part of the molecule
1989: New dimeric liquid crystals with chiral flexible spacers
1992: Influence of the Position of the Chiral Center on Spontaneous Polarization of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Materials
1993: .beta.-Chlorohydrins vs .alpha.-chloroacids as chiral tails for ferroelectric liquid crystals. MM2 approach. 2
1993: Novel ferroelectric non-symmetric dimeric liquid crystals
1996: Synthesis, Characterization, and Physical Properties of New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Materials: Block Copolymers
1997: Synthesis and photopolymerization of cholesteric liquid crystalline vinyl ethers
1997: The stabilization of smectic A phases in mixtures of twinned-calamitic, metal organic complexes with 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorenone
1999: New liquid crystals containing the benzothiazole unit: amides and azo compounds
1999: Synthesis of new mesogenic compounds having the isoflavone core group
2001: Sugar-Coated Discotic Liquid Crystals
2002: Metallomesogens Derived from Tris[2-(Salicylideneamino)Ethyl]- Amine. A Molecular Meccano. A Versatile Plastic Ligand.
2005: Mesogenic driving forces in dendrimers


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