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Olsson, U.

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Olsson, Ulf


Ambrosone, L.;   Angelico, R.;   Bagger-Jörgensen, H.;   Bucak, S.;   Burgemeister, D.;   Castelletto, V.;   Ceglie, A.;   Cenker, C.;   Colafemmina, G.;   Coppola, L.;   Garcia-Celma, M.J.;   Gotter, M.;   Gutierrez, J.M.;   Hamley, I.W.;   Harris, P.J.F.;   Håkansson, B.;   Iliopoulos, I.;   Jönsson, B.;   Kunieda, H.;   Le, T.D.;   Monica, M. Della;   Morales, D.;   Mortensen, K.;   Muzzalupo, R.;   Nakamura, N.;   Nasir, I.;   Oliviero, C.;   Palazzo, G.;   Ranieri, G.A.;   Schmidt, C.;   Schurtenberger, P.;   Solans, C.;   Sottmann, T.;   Spencer, N.;   Strey, R.;   Tagawa, T.;   Terenzi, M.;   Wennerström, H.;   Yamaguchi, Y.;   Zackrisson, M.

Publication Titles

1993: Shape and size of micelles in the sodium dodecyl sulfate-formamide system
1995: Phase Behavior of a Nonionic Microemulsion upon Addition of Hydrophobically Modified Polyelectrolyte
1997: Microstructures in an Oil-In-Water Microemulsion: A Nmr Self-Diffusion Study
1998: Surfactant Curvilinear Diffusion in Giant Wormlike Micelles
1999: Formation of microemulsion and liquid crystal in biocompatible sucrose alkanoate systems
1999: Thermodynamics of a nonionic sponge phase
2000: Characterization of a reverse hexagonal lyomesophase by a PGSE NMR water self-diffusion study
2000: Phase Diagram and Phase Properties of the System Lecithin-Water-Cyclohexane
2001: Packing states of multilamellar vesicles in a nonionic surfactant system
2002: Relaxation of Shear-Aligned Wormlike Micelles
2003: Deuterium NMR Study of Slow Relaxation Dynamics in a Polymer-like Micelles System after Flow-Induced Orientation
2005: Monitoring of Sponge- (L3) and Lamellar Phase (Lα) formation kinetics: An investigation of fluid amphiphilic bilayer fusion and fission
2006: Oil/Water Droplet Formation by Temperature Change in the Water/C16E6/Mineral Oil System
2009: Influence of the Solvent on the Self-Assembly of a Modified Amyloid Beta Peptide Fragment. I. Morphological Investigation
2009: Peptide Nanotube Nematic Phase


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