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Ollivon, Michel

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Ollivon, M.


Amenitsch, Heinz;   Arbel-Haddad, Michal;   Bardonnet, Pierre-Louis;   Batte, Heidi;   Beugin, Sophie;   Bonté, Frédéric;   Boullanger, Paul;   Bourgaux, Claudie;   Briard, Valérie;   Chemin, Caroline;   Chopineau, Joel;   Couvreur, Patrick;   Dahbi, Louisa;   Faivre, Vincent;   Falson, Françoise;   Grabielle-Madelmont, Cecile;   Grabielle-Madelmont, Cécile;   Handjani-Vila, Rose-Marie;   Hochapfel, Ambjörg;   Hodzic, Aden;   Idziak, Stefan H.J.;   Jantzi, Pamela S.;   Laggner, Peter;   Leconte, Nadine;   Legoy, Marie Dominique;   Lesieur, Pierre;   Lesieur, Sylviane;   Lopez, Christelle;   Marangoni, Alejandro G.;   Meybeck, Alain;   Michalski, Marie-Caroline;   Moreau, Jacques-Marie;   Pabst, Georg;   Paternostre, Marie-Thérèse;   Pinguet, Patrick;   Péan, Jean-Manuel;   Rappolt, Michael;   Riaublanc, Alain;   Rush, James W.E.;   Sartori, Barbara;   Saunois, Alex;   Thomas, Daniel;   Vega, Cesar;   Wüthrich, Patrick

Publication Titles

1990: Action of octylglucoside on non-ionic monoalkyl amphiphile-cholesterol vesicles: study of the solubilization mechanism
1992: Enzyme activity in microstructured media
1992: Enzyme-microenvironment dynamic interactions in microstructured media
1997: Thermotropic phase behavior of in vivo extracted human stratum corneum lipids
1999: Antibiotic-Phospholipid Interactions as Studied by DSC and X-ray Diffraction
2004: Native fat globules of different sizes selected from raw milk: thermal and structural behavior
2006: A long ripple phase in DLPC–decylglucoside mixture evidenced by synchrotron SAXS coupled to DSC
2006: Milk fat and primary fractions obtained by dry fractionation: 1. Chemical composition and crystallisation properties
2007: Encapsulation-structuring of edible oil attenuates acute elevation of blood lipids and insulin in humans
2008: Conformational and hydrational properties during the Lß- to La- and La- to HII-phase transition in phosphatidylethanolamine
2008: Consequences of ions and pH on the supramolecular organization of sphingomyelin and sphingomyelin/cholesterol bilayers
2009: Self-Organization of Synthetic Cholesteryl Oligoethyleneglycol Glycosides in Water
2009: Triglycerides obtained by dry fractionation of milk fat: 2. Thermal properties and polymorphic evolutions on heating


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