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Okano, K.

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Okano, Kiyoshi;   Okano, Koji;   Okano, Kunihiko;   Okano, Kyoshi


Honma, M.;   Ikeda, T.;   Imura, H.;   Ito, R.;   Iyoda, T.;   Kamata, K.;   Komura, M.;   Matsuoka, T.;   Mitaku, S.;   Mizumoto, M.;   Muraguchi, H.;   Murakami, J.;   Nose, T.;   Ohtsuki, T.;   Ozaki, N.;   Shishido, A.;   Terui, Y.;   Yamamoto, J.;   Yu, H.

Publication Titles

1973: Friction coefficient for a moving disinclination in a nematic liquid crystal
1973: Interaction between disinclinations in nematic liquid crystals
1977: Propagation of Shear Waves in Ordered Structures of Monodisperse Latexes
1979: Mechanical properties of ordered monodisperse polystyrene latex as a lyotropic liquid crystal
1979: Van der Waals dispersion force contribution to the interfacial free energy of nematic liquid crystals
1990: Effect of electric field on layer compression modulus of smectic -A liquid crystals
2005: Enhancement of Surface-Relief Gratings Recorded on Amphiphilic Liquid-Crystalline Diblock Copolymer by Nanoscale Phase Separation
2006: An Azotolane Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Exhibiting Extremely Large Birefringence and Its Photoresponsive Behavior
2009: Microscopic birefringence imaging by phase-shift interferometry using a liquid crystal phase shifter


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