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Ohmes, E.

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Ohmes, Ernst


Berthold, T.;   Eisenbach, C.;   Ferrarini, A.;   Hisgen, B.;   Kothe, G.;   Lenz, Robert W.;   Müller, K.;   Naujok, A.;   Portugal, M.;   Portugall, M.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schleicher, A.;   Schneller, A.;   Wassmer, K.-H.;   Wassmer, K.H.

Publication Titles

1974: Quartet radicals. Sensitive spin probes for the investigation of structures of molecular order
1976: Electron spin resonance of symmetrical three-spin systems in nematic liquid crystals. I. Fast-rotational spectra
1978: Structure and molecular dynamics in liquid crystals: an ESR study using triradicals as spin probes
1980: Orientational order of triradical spin probes in nematic liquid crystals. An electron resonance investigation of angular-dependent lineshapes
1980: Spin probe studies of oriented liquid-crystalline polymers
1981: Spinlabel-Untersuchungen an flüssigkristallinen Polymeren
1982: Structure and dynamics of liquid crystalline side chain polymers - a spin probe study
1983: ESR- and {\super 2}H NMR Studies of Liquid Crystal Polymers
1987: Pulsed Dynamic NMR of Fibres from Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polymers
1987: Pulsed dynamic NMR of fibers from thermotropic liquid-crystal polymers


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