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Ohe, Masahito

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Oh-e, Masahito;   Ohe, M.

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Oe, Masahito


Akagi, Kazuo;   Ando, Masahiko;   Aratani, Sukekazu;   Asahi, Tsuyoshi;   Ashizawa, Keiichiro;   Asuma, Hiroaki;   Belkin, M.A.;   Bonn, Mischa;   Cheng, S.Z.D.;   Ge, Jason J.;   Gwag, Jin Seog;   Harris, F.W.;   Hendry, Euan;   Hong, S.-C.;   Hong, Seok-Cheol;   Isogai, M.;   Itami, S.;   Kando, Y.;   Kim, Doseok;   Kitamura, T.;   Klausmann, Hagen;   Koeberg, Mattijs;   Kondo, Katsumi;   Konishi, Nobutake;   Lvovsky, Alexander I.;   Masuhara, Hiroshi;   Matsuda, Masaaki;   Matsuyama, Shigeru;   Mishima, Yasuyuki;   Mukoh, A.;   Müller, Michiel;   Ogawa, Kazuhiro;   Ohara, Shuichi;   Ohhara, S.;   Ohta, Masayuki;   Ohta, Masuyuki;   Ota, Masuyuki;   Pillai, Rajesh S.;   Satou, H.;   Shen, Y.-R.;   Sonoda, Hidehiro;   Sung, Jaeho;   Suzuki, Kenkichi;   Tabe, Yuka;   Umeda, Yoshiyuki;   Wei, Xing;   Whang, C.N.;   Yanagawa, Kazuhiko;   Yanai, Masahiro;   Yokokura, H.;   Yokoyama, Hiroshi;   Yoneya, Makoto;   Yorozuya, Shinichi;   Zhuang, Xiaowei

Publication Titles

1991: Electrooptical switching of ferroelectric liquid crystals in electrically distorted chevron structure
1992: X-ray studies on layer structure and bistability in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1993: Alkylene polyimides for aligning nematic liquid crystals: anomalous odd-even effect in tilt bias angles as a function of chain length of alkylenes
1994: A permittive effect on the threshold behavior at low frequencies and the drift of charge carriers with a liquid-crystalline system of cyanophenylcyclohexanes
1994: Theoretical consideration of the drop in threshold voltage at low frequencies in nematic liquid crystals
1995: Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
1995: Active matrix type liquid-crystal display apparatus
1995: Electrooptical characteristics and switching behavior of the in-plane switching mode
1995: Liquid crystal display device.
1996: Liquid-crystal display device with wide viewing angle characteristics
1996: Response mechanism of nematic liquid crystals using the in-plane switching mode
1997: Complete suppression of color shift in in-plane switching mode liquid crystal displays with a multidomain structure obtained by unidirectional rubbing
1997: Dependence of viewing angle characteristics on pretilt angle in the in-plane switching mode
1997: Performance optimization of in-plane switching AM-LCDs by using systematic device simulations
1997: Physical behavior of nematic liquid crystals using the in-plane switching mode
1997: Quantitative analysis of cell gap margin for uniform optical properties using in-plane switching of liquid crystals
1997: Switching of negative and positive dielectro- anisotropic liquid crystals by in-plane electric fields
1997: The in-plane switching of homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystals
1997: Unusual voltage-holding ratio characteristics using in-plane switching of nematic liquid crystals
1998: Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device
1998: Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device, method for forming its photoalignment layer, and method for checking its alignment ability
1998: Advantageous voltage-holding ratio characteristics induced by in-plane electric fields, and the optimization concept of liquid crystals for an in-plane switching electrooptical effect
1998: In-Plane Switching Electro-Optical Effect Using Nematic Liquid Crystals
2000: Polar Ordering at an Interface between a Liquid Crystal Monolayer and a Rubbed Polyimide
2001: In-plane field type Liquid crystal display device comprising Liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
2001: In-plane switching electro-optical effect of nematic liquid crystals
2001: Liquid crystal display device having orientation film oriented by light
2001: Nonlinear optical studies of surface structures of rubbed polyimides and adsorbed liquid crystal monolayers
2001: Orientations of side chains and adsorbed liquid crystal molecules on a rubbed polyimide surface studied by optical second harmonic generation
2001: Surface anisotropy from photo-induced bond breaking at polymer surfaces: A sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopic study of polyimide
2002: Active matrix Liquid crystal display with high quality image and cell-gap defining spacers free of light leakage
2002: Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Polymer Surfaces for Liquid Crystal Alignment
2002: Orientations of phenyl sidegroups and liquid crystal molecules on a rubbed polystyrene surface
2002: Ultrafast Charge Separation and Recombination Dynamics in a Nanometer Thin Film of Polyimide Observed by Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
2003: Anisotropy of alkyl chains of azobenzene molecules at the air/water interface observed by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy
2004: Mapping molecular conformation and orientation of polyimide surfaces for homeotropicliquid crystal alignment by nonlinear optical spectroscopy
2004: Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Polymer Surfaces for Liquid Crystal Alignment: Photo-Irradiated Polyimide and Rubbed Polystyrene Surfaces
2004: Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of Polyimide Surfaces Made by Spin Coating and Ionized Cluster Beam Deposition
2004: Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy of a Helically Structured Conjugated Polymer
2005: Chirality Probed by Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy for Helically Structured Conjugated Liquid Crystalline Polymers
2006: THz time-domain spectroscopy of liquid crystal colloids
2007: Advanced nanoimprint lithography using a graded functional imprinting material tailored for liquid crystal alignment
2007: Imaging colloidal particle induced topological defects in a nematic liquid crystal using third-harmonic generation microscopy
2007: THz time-domain spectroscopy of liquid crystal colloids
2008: Liquid Crystal Colloids Studied by THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy


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