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O'Callaghan, Michael J.

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O'Callaghan, M.J.


Baumeister, Ute;   Etxebarria, Jesus;   Gaalema, Stephen D.;   Handschy, Mark;   Handschy, Mark A.;   Harant, Adam;   Martinez-Perdiguero, Josu;   McNeil, John R.;   More, Kundalika;   Nakata, Michi;   Ortega, Josu;   Perlmutter, Stephen H.;   Prehm, Marko;   Thurmes, William;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Walker, Chris;   Walker, Christopher;   Walker, Christopher M.;   Wand, Michael;   Wand, Michael D.;   Wolt, Barry;   Zhang, Yongqiang

Publication Titles

1993: Analog electrooptic modulators for ferroelectric-liquid-crystal/VLSI spatial light modulators
2000: Single-chip correlator implementation for PCI-bus personal computers
2001: Ferroelectric liquid crystal SLMs: from prototypes to products
2003: Ferroelectric Liquid crystal infrared chopper
2003: Switching dynamics and surface forces in thresholdless "V-shaped" switching ferroelectric liquid crystals
2004: Charge controlled, fixed optic axis analog ("v-shaped") switching of a bent-core ferroelectric liquid crystal
2006: Anticlinic Ferroelectric Bananas for Electro-Optic Modulators
2006: High-Tilt, High-PS, de Vries FLCs for Analog Electro-Optic Phase Modulation
2007: Spatial light modulators with integrated phase masks for holographic data storage
2008: Bent-core mesogens with branched carbosilane termini: flipping suprastructural chirality without reversing polarity
2009: Laterally Azo-Bridged H-Shaped Ferroelectric Dimesogens for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics: Ferroelectricity and Second Harmonic Generation
2010: Achiral Bent-Core Molecules with a Series of Linear or Branched Carbosilane Termini: Dark Conglomerate Phases, Supramolecular Chirality and Macroscopic Polar Order


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US 6580078 B1 (2003/06/17)

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