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Nunes, Ronald W.

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Nunes, R.W.

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Nunes, Ronald


Andry, Paul A.;   Breen, Tricia L.;   Cai, Chen;   Colgan, Evan;   Delamarche, Emmanuel;   Flake, John C.;   Fryer, Peter M.;   Galligan, Eileen A.;   Geissler, Matthias;   Graham, William S.;   John, Richard A.;   Lien, Shui-Chih A.;   Michel, Bruno;   O'Sullivan, Eugene J.;   Rothwell, Mary E.;   Schmid, Heinz;   Vichiconti, James;   Wilson, John S.;   Wisnieff, Robert L.;   Wolf, Heiko

Publication Titles

1998: Multidomain homeotropic liquid crystal display based on ridge and fringe field structure
2002: Patterning Indium Tin Oxide and Indium Zinc Oxide Using Microcontact Printing and Wet Etching
2003: Electroless Deposition of NiB on 15 Inch Glass Substrates for the Fabrication of Transistor Gates for Liquid Crystal Displays

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