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Nounesis, G.

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Nounesis, George


Arimilli, P.A.;   Birgeneau, R.J.;   Blum, K.I.;   Cordoyiannis, G.;   Das, P.;   Dumrongrattana, S.;   Dumrongrattans, S.;   Ema, K.;   Flugel, R.S.;   Garland, C.W.;   Geer, R.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Guillon, D.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hobbie, E.;   Huang, C.C.;   Jeong, Y.H.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Kutnjak, Z.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Lien, S.C.;   Litster, J.D.;   Liu, H.Y.;   Naciri, J.;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Pfeiffer, S.;   Pitchford, T.;   Ratna, B.;   Ratna, B.R.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shi, Y.;   Shin, S.;   Sigaud, G.;   Singh, A.;   Sprunt, S.;   Sprunt, S.N.;   Stine, K.J.;   Stofko, J.J.;   Viner, J.M.;   Wu, Lei;   Young, M.;   Young, M.J.

Publication Titles

1985: Smectic-A-hexatic-B transition of various compounds in the homologous series of n-alkyl 4'-n-alkoxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate
1986: Heat-capacity study of one liquid-crystal compound with smectic-A-hexatic-B-crystal-B transition
1986: Measurements of tilt angle and heat capacity in the vicinity of one smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C transition
1986: Thermal-conductivity studies near the smectic-A-hexatic-B transition in a liquid-crystal compound
1986: Tilt-angle, polarization, and heat-capacity measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C phase transition of p-(n-decyloxybenzylidene)-p-amino-(2-methylbutyl)cinnamate (DOBAMBC)
1987: Heat-capacity studies near the smectic-A-smectic-C phase transition of azoxy-4,4'-di-undecyl-.alpha.-methylcinnamate (AMC-11)
1987: Heat-capacity, tilt-angle, and polarization measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C transition of one liquid-crystal compound
1987: Thermal conductivity studies and free-standing liquid-crystal film calorimetry as two applications of the ac calorimetric technique
1989: Calorimetric study of smectic polymorphism in octyloxyphenyl-nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate + decyloxyphenyl-nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate mixtures
1989: Calorimetric study of the smectic-A-hexatic-B phase transition of a liquid-crystal binary mixture
1989: Calorimetric study of the smectic-Ad–smectic-A2 critical point
1989: Effect of the hexatic-B temperature range on the nature of the smectic-A–hexatic-B phase transition
1989: Heat-capacity measurements near the nematic-smectic-A1 and smectic-A1-smectic-C transitions in octyloxyphenyl cyanobenzyloxy benzoate
1989: XY behavior for the heat capacity at nematic-smectic-A1 liquid-crystal transitions
1990: Critical heat capacity at nematic-smectic A1 and smectic A1-smectic A2 transitions in DB5CN + TBBA
1992: High-Resolution X-Ray Investigation of Nematic-Smectic-A{\sub 1} Transitions
1993: Critical behavior at nematic- smectic -A1 phase transitions. I. High-resolution x-ray-scattering and calorimetric study of the liquid -crystal octyloxyphenyl nitrobenzoyloxybenzoate
1993: Critical behavior at nematic- smectic -A1 phase transitions. II. Preasymptotic three-dimensional XY analysis of x-ray and Cp data
1993: Dynamics of phospholipid tubules in a concentrated solution: Results from high-field magnetic birefringence and quasielastic light scattering
1993: High-field magnetic birefringence study of the phase behavior of concentrated solutions of phospholipid tubules
1993: Nonasymptotic critical 3D-XY behavior for the nematic- smectic -A1 liquid crystal transition
1994: Experimental observation of a transition between two uniaxial nematic liquid-crystal phases
1994: Stability of magnetic field-induced dipolar order in a ferroelectric side-chain liquid crystal polymer
1994: X-ray diffraction study of the smectic-~A fluid antiphase and its transitions to smectic-A1 and smectic-A2 phases
1996: Melting of Phospholipid Tubules
2000: Smectic polymorphism and fluctuations in a polar liquid-crystal binary mixture
2003: Dielectric and Thermal Study of the Influence of Aerosils on the Ferroelectric SmA-SmC Phase Transition


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