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Noel, Claudine

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Noël, C.;   Noël, Claudine

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Noel, C.


Atkins, E.D.T.;   Attias, André-Jean;   Bensaad, Salima;   Bezou, Pascal;   Bloch, Bertrand;   Boileau, Sylvie;   Bosio, Louis;   Bunel, Claude;   Campistron, Irène;   Cavalli, Chantal;   Ching, Kathlen Chane;   Dantas de Morais, Tony;   Decobert, Guy;   Delgado, Anne Sousa;   Dubois, Jean-Claude;   Esselin, Sophie;   Friedrich, Claude;   Gadret, Gregory;   Gangadhara;   Gonin, Dominique;   Guichard, Bertrand;   Guillou, Nathalie;   Jenkins, W.N.;   Judas, Didier;   Kajzar, Francois;   Kajzar, François;   Lacoudre, Nelly;   Lacoudre, Nicole;   Large, Maryanne;   Laupretre, Francoise;   Le Barny, Pierre;   Le Borgne, Alain;   Leblanc, Jean Pierre;   Leblanc, Marc;   Leborgne, Alain;   Legrand, Cecile;   Lenz, Robert W.;   Marechal, Ernest;   Mauzac, Monique;   Navard, Patrick;   Pacreau, Annie;   Piercourt, Stéphane;   Poirier, Véronique;   Reyx, Danièle;   Rozes, Laurence;   Singler, Robert E.;   Spassky, Nicolas;   Tabrizian, Maryam;   Taton, Daniel;   Tessier, Martine;   Teyssie, Dominique;   Thomas, Michel;   Vairon, Jean Pierre;   Vairon, Jean-Pierre;   Williams, Graham;   Willingham, Reginald A.

Publication Titles

1985: Dielectric, nuclear magnetic resonance and electron spin resonance studies of relaxation processes in a liquid-crystalline polyester
1985: Identification of mesophases exhibited by thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
1986: Liquid crystalline side chain polymers derived from polyacrylate, polymethyacrylate and poly-α-chloroacrylate
1988: Mesomorphic polymers containing side chains, derived from 1-phenyl-2-(4-cyanophenyl)ethane
1988: Synthesis and characterization of some terminally cyano-substituted side-chain liquid crystalline polyacrylates
1989: Liquid-crystalline side-chain polyphosphazenes
1989: Mesomorphic polymers bearing pendant phenyldioxane groups
1991: Ferroelectric liquid crystal polymers
1991: Liquid crystal polymers
1991: Liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers: 2. Poly(allyl carbonates) and poly(vinyl carbonates)
1992: Second-order nonlinear optical properties of copolyethers containing mesogenic side chains
1992: Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline polyethers by chemical modification of polyepichlorohydrin
1993: Aromatic copolyesters with stilbene mesogenic groups. 1. Liquid -crystalline properties of compounds containing a stilbene, terephthaloyl, or hydroquinone central group
1993: Liquid-crystalline polyacrylates containing biphenyl and chiral terminal groups in the side chain. 1. Influence of the spacer length on the liquid-crystal behavior
1993: Liquid-crystalline polyacrylates containing biphenyl and chiral terminal groups in the side chain. 2. Influence of the nature of the chiral group
1993: Nonlinear optical response in side-chain liquid crystal polymers
1994: Synthesis and thermal properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polyethers with racemic and chiral backbone
1995: Aromatic Copolyesters with Stilbene Mesogenic Groups. 2. Synthesis and Thermal Behavior
1995: Side chain liquid crystalline polymers: electric field effects and nonlinear properties
1995: Synthesis and thermal properties of side-chain liquid-crystalline poly(glycidyl ethers) with racemic and chiral backbone
1996: Electric field poling effects on the molecular reorientational dynamics of side-chain NLO polymers
1996: Synthesis and characterization of polyoxetanes containing 4-cyanobiphenyl-based side groups for nonlinear optical applications. Part 2. Synthesis, characterization, and polymerization of 3,3-bis(4-cyano-4'-biphenylyloxymethyl)oxetane
1996: Synthesis and characterization of polyoxethanes containing 4-cyanobiphenyl-based side groups for nonlinear optical applications. Part 1. Chemical modification of poly[3,3-bis(chloromethyl)oxetane] with sodium 4-cyano-4'-biphenyl oxide
1997: Chirality induction in liquid crystalline side-chain polyethers prepared by copolymerization of oxiranes with mesogenic and non-mesogenic groups
1997: Liquid crystalline properties of side-chain polymers bearing the same mesogenic group
1997: Side chain liquid crystalline polyethers
1997: Synthesis and characterization of polymers containing 4-cyanobiphenyl-based side groups for nonlinear optical applications, 3. Poly(p-chloromethylstyrene) derivatives
1998: Behavior and properties of side group thermotropic liquid crystal polymers
1998: Defects and textures in nematic main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
1998: Glass transitions of thermotropic aromatic copolyesters
1998: Synthesis and characterization of frequency doubling nonlinear optical liquid crystalline polyepichlorohydrins and polyoxetanes functionalized with alkoxycyanoazobenzene and alkoxynitrostilbene dyes. Second harmonic generation in corona poled thin films
1999: New Liquid Crystalline Conjugated Derivatives of 3,3'-Bipyridine as Components for Optoelectronic Materials


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