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Nguyen, Huu Tinh

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Nguyen, Huu T.

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Nguyen, H.T.


Achard, M.F.;   Achard, Marie France;   Allouchi, Hassan;   Asahina, Shuichi;   Babeau, A.;   Barois, P.;   Barois, Philippe;   Beguin, A.;   Belaaraj, Abdeslam;   Bernaud, M.C.;   Betterton, K.;   Bideau, J.P.;   Bideau, Jean-Pierre;   Billard, J.;   Bougrioua, Fatiha;   Bravic, G.;   Brunet, Monique;   Buisine, J.M.;   Cady, A.;   Caliebe, W.;   Cayuela, R.;   Chanh, N.B.;   Chapoton, A.;   Chasseau, Daniel;   Chaves, M.R.;   Chaves, Maria Renata;   Chilaya, G.S.;   Chuang, C.;   Cluzeau, Philipe;   Cluzeau, Philippe;   Collings, Peter J.;   Cotrait, M.;   Cotrait, Michel;   Cruz, C.;   Das, P.;   Dedier, James;   Destrade, C.;   Destrade, Christian;   Destrade, Christian Jean Pierre;   Detre, Laurent;   Dolganov, Pavel;   Dolganov, Vladimir;   Druon, C.;   Dubois, Jean-Claude;   Elashvili, Z.M.;   Ema, K.;   Fan, Shi Yan;   Faye, Valerie;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Foucher, P.;   Fung, Bing M.;   Galvan, J.M.;   Garland, C.W.;   Garland, Carl W.;   Gasparoux, H.;   Gautlier, J.;   Gleeson, H.;   Glogarova, M.;   Goodby, J.;   Grelet, Eric;   Guichard, Y.;   Haget, Y.;   Hardouin, F.;   Hardouin, Francis;   Ho, Wai Ming;   Isaert, N.;   Isaert, Noel;   Ivchenko, S.P.;   Jacques, J.;   Jacques, Jean;   Jamee, Peter;   Jeong, Yoon H.;   Joly, G.;   Joly, Gilles;   Joussot-Dubien, M.;   Keller, Patrick;   Kromm, Philippe;   Laguerre, Michel;   Laux, Valerie;   Legrand, C.;   Lejcek, Lubor;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Li, Min-Hui;   Li, Zhong;   Lisetski, L.N.;   Malthête, J.;   Malthête, Jacques;   Mamlok, L.;   Mamlok, Lonka;   Matkin, L.;   Mauzac, M.;   Mondon-Bernaud, M.C.;   Nabor, Marie-Flore;   Navailles, Laurence;   Nguyen, Huy-Loc;   Nounesis, G.;   Pansu, Brigitte;   Parneix, J.P.;   Pindak, R.;   Pinto, Filipa;   Pitsi, Guido;   Polossat, Eric;   Polycarpe, C.;   Pourrere, A.;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Richard, H.;   Roubineau, A.;   Rouillon, Jean Claude;   Rouillon, Jean-Claude;   Rouy, Emmanuel;   Salleneuve, C.;   Salleneuve, Catherine;   Sarmento, Sandra;   Sigaud, G.;   Sigaud, Gilles;   Simeao Carvalho, P.;   Simeao Carvalho, Paulo;   Sorai, Michio;   Stine, Keith J.;   Thoen, Jan;   Torreilles, E.;   Twieg, R.J.;   Twieg, Robert J.;   Vilfan, M.;   Vinokur, K.D.;   Wacrenier, J.M.;   Wang, Qian;   Watson, S.;   Wiessflot, W.;   Wong, Henry C.;   Wong, Henry N.C.;   Wu, Shin-Tson;   Zann, A.;   Zann, Annie;   Zareba, Isabelle

Publication Titles

1978: A new series of mesogenic compounds with a smectic F phase. Succession order of smectic mesophases
1978: Synthesis of hexaalkoxytriphenylene with new mesophases
1978: Synthesis of mesogenic p-(1-alkenyl)phenyl benzoates
1978: Synthesis of p-substituted mesogenic 4-(alkyl or alkoxy-4''-benzoyloxy)stilbenes
1979: Discotic mesophases potentialities
1979: Liquid crystal with a chemical formula containing a stilbene
1979: Liquid crystal with a large negative dielectric anisotropy and the electooptical device containing this crystal
1979: Liquid crystals
1979: Mesomorphic polymorphism in some disk-like compounds
1979: Mesomorphic properties of bromo and cyano substituted diarylethanes
1979: Nematic disc-like liquid crystals
1979: New series exhibiting pure enantiotropic nematic reentrant compounds at atmospheric pressure
1979: Polymorphism and x-ray diffraction of some cyano biphenyl-substituted benzoates exhibiting reentrant nematic phases
1979: Synthesis of 1-(4-alkoxy or alkyl-benzoyloxy-phenyl)-2-(4'-pentylphenyl)ethanes. Influence of the central group on the mesomorphic properties
1980: Influence of the substituent on the reentrant phenomenon
1980: Mesogenic and nonmesogenic central rigid cores
1980: New "rod-like" compound with a polar cyano head group giving an orthogonal smectic B phase
1980: On a "cholesteric" phase in disk-like mesogens
1980: Phase diagrams of new compounds with nematic reentrant mesophases
1980: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of the homologous series of 4-alkyl or alkoxy-4'-bromo or cyanotolans
1980: Truxene derivatives: temperature inverted nematic-columnar sequence in disc-like mesogens
1981: A fluid smectic A antiphase in a pure nitro rod-like compound
1981: A pure disk-like molecule with cholesteric properties
1981: An homologous series of disklike mesogens with nematic and columnar polymorphism
1981: Disc-like mesogens: a classification
1981: Dissymmetric hexasubstituted triphenylenes
1981: Enantiotropic tetramorphism NSA NSA in the series of 4-cyanobenzoyloxy-4'-alkyl (or alkoxy) benzoyloxy-p-phenylene
1981: Nematic disk-like liquid crystal: a model for the carbonaceous mesophase
1981: Occurrence of reentrant nematic and reentrant smectic A phases in mesogenic series
1981: Reentrant nematic and columnar phases in disc-like liquid crystals at atmospheric pressure
1981: Reentrant phenomenon in disk-like liquid crystal
1981: Truxene derivatives: a new family of disk-like liquid crystals with an inverted nematic-columnar sequence
1981: X-ray investigations and magnetic field effect on a nematic phase of disk-like molecules
1982: A new ribbon phase in a thermotropic smectogenesis
1982: A new series 4-(4'-cyanobenzoyloxy)benzylidene-4-alkoxyaniline with a smectic phase made of ribbons
1982: A new thermotropic smectic phase made of ribbons
1982: A pure reentrant cholesteric phase
1982: A re-entrant polymorphism NS{\sub A}S{\sub C}N{\sub re}
1982: Macroscopic evidence of molecular chirality in columnar mesophases
1982: Mesomorphic properties of di(4-alkoxyphenyl)- and di(4-alkanoyloxyphenyl)tetrathiafulvalenes
1982: New phase transitions S{\sub C}-S{\sub C2} and S{\sub Ad}-S{\sub C2} in pure mesogens
1982: Novel biaxial bilayered fluid mesophases
1982: On a reentrant isotropic phase in disk-like liquid crystals
1982: Reentrant nematic phase with the new pentamorphism N SA SC Nre SAre in a mixture
1982: Three reentrant phenomena in a pure mesogen
1983: Dielectric study of S{\sub A}1, S{\sub A}2 and S~A phases in liquid crystals of cyano compounds
1983: Lenticular molecules and mesomorphic polymorphism
1983: New topology for a Nre - SA - SC multicritical point
1983: On the rectangular-hexagonal columnar phase transition in disc-like liquid crystals
1983: Phase transitions in the mesogenic series: bis[4-(n-alkyl)phenyl]TTF and bis[4-(n-alkoxy)phenyl]TTF
1983: Polymorphism of mesogen substances containing polar molecules. Part III. Molecular aspects
1983: Reentrant behavior and cyano substituted aryl p-alkoxycinnamates
1984: Chirality in polar mesogens: reentrant cholesteric and new chiral smectic phases
1984: Cyano and nitrobenzyloxy derivatives: new polymorphism aspects
1984: Dielectric relaxation in liquid crystals exhibiting a reentrant phenomenon
1984: Disk-like mesogen polymorphism
1984: Dynamical spatial structures in a re-entrant nematic to tridimensional smectic transition
1984: Hexaalkoxytruxenes, a new series of disk-like mesogens
1984: Hexasubstituted trisfuran derivatives: a new series of disc-like mesogens
1984: Molecular aspect and polymorphism in polar rod-like mesogens
1984: On Thermotropic Disk-Like Mesogens
1984: On new mesomorphic sequences in some polar 2 or 3 chlorodibenzoates
1984: On the first example of an inverted sequence SA-SC in a pure polar compound
1984: Reentrant mesophases in disk-like liquid crystals
1984: Reentrant phenomenon in new polar cyclohexane series
1984: Study of re-entrant nematic and smectic phases using dielectric relaxation
1984: The Fluid Mesophases of Polar Rods
1984: The existence of SA1, SAd, SA2 and S~C smectic phases in the new series 4-alkoxyphenyl 4'-[4"-cyanobenzyloxy]benzoates
1984: Trioxatruxenes: a new family of disk-like mesogens with a complex polymorphism
1984: Trithiatruxenes: disc-like mesogens with conducting properties?
1984: Unusual bilayered fluid smectic modifications in polar series
1985: Chirality in polar mesogens: reentrant cholesteric and new smectic phases
1985: Critical or tricritical S{\sub Ad}-S{\sub A2} point in a (temperature-molecular length) phase diagram?
1985: Cyano and nitrobenzyloxy derivatives: new polymorphism aspects
1985: Helical twisting in reentrant nematic mixtures with optically active dopants
1985: New forked polar mesogens
1985: Phasmids: a new class of liquid crystals
1985: Reentrant cholesteric phase in pure compounds
1985: Reentrant phases in new polar cyclohexane series
1985: Study of reentrant nematic and smectic phases using dielectric relaxation
1985: Trithiatruxenes: a family of disk-like mesogens with a new polymorphism
1986: A new series of polar fluorodibenzoates with various smectic modifications
1986: Biforked mesogens: a new type of thermotropic liquid crystals
1986: Evolutions from partial bilayer SA phase (SAd) to monolayer SA phase (SA1)
1986: On some new 4-alkoxy-2- or 3-chlorophenyl 4'-cyano or nitrobenzoyloxybenzoates
1986: Phase behavior under pressure of two hexasubstituted triphenylenes
1987: Benzotrisfuran derivatives. A new series of disk-like liquid crystals
1987: Chiral smectic C phase in some thiobenzoate series
1987: Coexistence of a 2D discommensuration wall network and of a hexatic molecular ordering in a liquid crystalline phase
1987: Dilatometric and thermobarometric measurements of truxene derivatives exhibiting inverted and reentrant sequences
1987: Ferroelectric smectic C* phase in some benzoate series
1987: New ferroelectric materials
1988: Characterization of reentrant cholesteric, cholesteric and chiral smectic phases of three recent polar mesogens
1988: Nature of the smectic-A2-smectic-C2 transition: a calorimetric study
1988: On some new series of biforked mesogens
1988: Substituted phenylic esters useful as ferroelectric liquid crystals, their preparation, and use in electrooptical displays
1989: Heat capacity associated with nematic-smectic-A1-smectic-~A-smectic-A(crenelated)-smectic-A2 phase sequence
1989: Mesomorphic properties of some new polar naphthalene related compounds
1989: Physical properties of alkoxycyanotolan liquid crystals
1989: Polar forked dibenzoate mesogens
1990: Critical heat capacity at nematic-smectic A1 and smectic A1-smectic A2 transitions in DB5CN + TBBA
1990: Heat capacity of the discotic mesogen, 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexa-n-hexyloxytriphenylene, between 17 and 397 K and phase transitions in the solid and liquid states
1990: New biforked mesogen series
1990: Phase behavior of liquid-crystalline copoly(dimethyl-methylhydrogeno)siloxanes substituted with long polar side groups
1990: Polysiloxanes substituted with forked mesogens
1990: Reentrant phenomenon in cyanoaryl alkylthioxybenzoates and cyanobenzoyloxyphenyl alkylthiobenzoates
1991: Crystal structure of a new biforked mesogen
1991: Rod-like mesogens with antipathetic fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon tails
1991: Study of molecular dynamics in the hexatic smectic F phase of TBDA: comparison with results from the crystal smectic G and the smectic C phases
1992: NMR study of molecular order in a liquid crystal with smectic Ad and reentrant nematic mesophases: a comparative study with models for the SAd phase
1993: Enantioselective synthesis of chiral liquid crystalline compounds from monoterpenes
1993: Phasmids and polycatenar mesogens
1995: A mesogenic perfluorinated compound
1995: Chiral liquid crystalline compounds from D-(+)-glucose
1996: A chiral material with a new phase sequences: twist grain boundary smectic A phase-blue phases
1996: A chiral mesogenic compound
1996: Crystal structure of (2S,3S)-4-[2-chloro-3-methyl-pentanoyloxy]biphenyl 4'-undecyloxy-2',3'-difluorobenzoate
1996: Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric modes in a new chiral thiobenzoate liquid crystal
1996: New temperature scan method (TSM) for revealing the chiral smectic polar phases
1996: Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of mesogenic compounds with an alkyloxy and a semi-perfluorinated chain. Influence of the alkyloxy chain length on molecular arrangement and molecular interactions
1996: Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of two polyphilic mesogenic compounds
1996: Synthesis, characterization, electro-optical studies and crystal structure of a chiral mesogenic compound
1996: S{\sub C*A} and S{C*FI} phases in chiral non-symmetric dimesogens
1997: Blue phases and twist grain boundary phases (TGBA and TGBC) in a series of fluoro-substituted chiral tolane derivatives
1997: Influence of the spacer in a series of chiral nonsymmetric dimesogens
1997: Phasmids and polycatenar mesogens
1998: Crystal structure and empirical calculations for a chiral smectogenic compound with an antiferroelectric arrangement
1998: New AFLC: a trimesogen presenting antiferroelectric smectic C phase (SmCA*) and twist grain boundary smectic A phase (TGBA)
1998: Phasmids and polycatenar mesogens
1999: Ferroelectric-like and antiferroelectric-like behavior of the SmCα* phase
1999: Helicity of the SmC.alpha.* phase and its variations in a thiobenzoate series
1999: Molecular arrangement and antiferroelectric behavior
1999: Molecular arrangement in mesogenic compounds with a terminal cyano group
1999: Thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of semiperfluoroalkyloxyphenyl and perfluoroalkylphenyl .beta.-D-glucopyranosides
2000: Evidence for three typical behaviors of the helicity in the SmC.alpha.* phase from recent benzoate ester series
2000: Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic amphiphilic liquid crystals: semiperfluoroalkyl-g-D-glucopyranosides
2000: The influence of chirality on the phase behaviour of a fluoro-substituted tolan derivative exhibiting a direct TGB to BP transition
2001: A chiral material with a new phase sequence: twist grain boundary smectic C phase-smectic blue phases
2001: Influence of the molecular tilt on the structure of smectic blue phases
2001: Optical activity measurements in the smectic blue phases.
2001: Structural Investigations on Smectic Blue Phases
2002: Resonant X-Ray Studies of Orientational Order in Chiral Smectic C Subphases and Phases Exhibited by Achiral Bent-Core Molecules
2005: Light-Induced Layer by Layer Thickening in Photosensitive Liquid Crystal Membranes
2006: Twin-like domains in chiral smectic C liquid crystals


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